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Bethel_largeIn an ever-changing global marketplace, workers can no longer afford to rely on training they learned years ago in the hopes that the skill set required for their careers will remain static. New products, technologies and industries are emerging at rapid-fire pace, and in some cases replacing existing products and industries.

Bethel_RanceWorkers must not only acquire new skills but they must develop their ability to manage change. Becoming a critical thinker and decision maker, informed by analysis, synthesis, problem solving and creativity – the highest levels of Bloom’s modified taxonomy – makes women and men business leaders skilled to execute their job responsibilities, according to Gregory Rance of Bethel University.

Bethel has developed a graduate business program designed to not only help working students navigate the bustling economy but to help lead the way. The Bethel MBA Bethel_hallwayprogram stresses relevance and practicality, fostering skills and self development that prepares students for the challenges ahead. Underlying it all is a commitment to personal integrity and ethical leadership.

The Graduate School at Bethel University provides rigorous graduate education in a supportive, Christian environment. The 1,500 adult students come from all different backgrounds, levels of experience, and career fields with the common goal of developing as whole professionals

Bethel_ShawHave you ever wondered what your greatest strengths are? In the Bethel MBA program “Our learners take a battery of self-assessments, because,” as Senior Enrollment Counselor Jeanne Shaw says, “self-awareness positions our graduates to better utilize their strengths and compensate for any weaknesses”. Unless your business is a sole-proprietorship, the right mix of team members is what is required to get things done, along with self-aware leaders who know how to leverage their strengths.

Bethel_hallway2The MBA program at Bethel University can assist may types of MBA learners. All MBA learners are masters of business administration who know how to get things done in their companies when they graduate, but many have unique roles and responsibilities they must execute on a daily basis in various types of departments and industries, therefore, MBA learners at Bethel University can choose to earn an emphasis or a concentration from a variety of options. For example, one can earn a Global Business Management concentration and another can earn an Entrepreneurship concentration; they all learn core business competencies, but can specialize in areas relevant to their careers.

The typical worker will experience as many as five job transitions in their career. Not only does an MBA degree improve earning potential, it can also hedge against downsizing and make a person more marketable if faced with a job transition.

Bethel_buildingBethel University MBA graduates are equipped to lead in an ever changing business environment. Our graduate leaders must analyze marketplace trends in order to make strategic decisions that positively impact customers, employees, and the bottom line. The school’s motto is that the Bethel MBA is “Good. For Business.”

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