Play Inc Community Theatre is now Play Inc Arts

Aaron Knudsvig
Play Inc Arts

For 13 seasons Play Inc Community Theatre has brought a variety of entertaining productions to the stage–a total of 45 productions in addition to regular performances by their improv troupe, Flagrant Foul, and their character education group, iPLAY. Since 2011, Play Inc has been part of a group dedicated to all the arts (to which Play Inc served as the theatrical arm), Cambridge Center for the Arts.

In the past few months, CCFA has been undergoing some organizational rearrangements and as part of that will no longer be offering the opportunities it has in the past. Play Inc Community Theatre has stepped up to fill in the void. Since the Summer Youth Theatre ended a month ago, Play Inc Community Theatre has reincorporated itself as a new nonprofit called Play Inc Arts.

In the next year of transition, Play Inc Arts will begin to offer more than just theatre. We want to offer a lot of the same artistic outlets as CCFA did, but we also know we can’t offer everything right now. We will want this group to grow organically and in a way that can be managed responsibly (not growing faster than we can keep up with).

In the coming months Play Inc will update its website ( new information regarding the new organization. For the first season of Play Inc Arts, it will look a lot like Play Inc Community Theatre that many are familiar with. High school students will still bring iPLAY to the local schools to discuss important topics, the recently renewed improv troupe (renamed) Flagrant Ladies will meet regularly, and in March, Play Inc Arts will present its first official production, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. At the performances of Beauty and the Beast, we’ll have all sorts of additional information about upcoming arts offerings.

By next summer we will have more pieces in place to again offer some of the visual arts opportunities that CCFA did. As stated, this transition will take some time and will require a lot of help from the artistic community looking to get involved. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

Specifically, we are looking for arts-minded people with some business knowledge. We’re building a new board of directors, which we hope is a motivated group that can contact businesses and individuals for support, write grants, and help guide the financial responsibilities of this sort of group. If that’s you, we want to hear from you. We would also like to hear from those of you in the visual arts community that might be able to help restart that arm of the company.

We have a mission to keep the Arts thriving in the Cambridge-Isanti area. We have a vision for how we’d like to grow. We would like to hear from you if you can help Play Inc Arts become the center for art, music, and theatre that we feel it can become.

For more information, or to let us know you might be interested in helping, email [email protected]