Man charged after allegedly pointing gun in roommate’s face

A Cambridge man is facing felony charges after threatening his two roommates over having control of the home, and getting upset after the roommates entered the home while the carpet was being cleaned.

Herbert Lee Hendry Jr.

Herbert Lee Hendry Jr., 64, was charged before Judge John Klossner on Sept. 12 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge with felony second-degree assault of a dangerous weapon and threats of violence and gross misdemeanor domestic assault-subsequent violation. Bail was set at $60,000 without conditions or $30,000 with conditions and next court appearance for Sept. 28.

The incident occurred on Sept. 9 after the Cambridge Police Department received a report of an assault involving a gun along the 120 block of Fourth Avenue Northeast in Cambridge.

According to Cambridge Police Chief Tim Dwyer, Cambridge police officers kept surveillance of the home and worked with Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad to draft both a search warrant for the residence and an arrest warrant for Hendry. Both warrants were signed by a district court judge.

Due to the fact this assault involved a firearm, coupled with other police intelligence, this was considered a high risk warrant and therefore Dwyer requested Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk activate the Isanti County Joint Law Enforcement Special Response Team. With their assistance, the home was surrounded and the warrant was executed. Hendry was ordered out of the house and taken into custody without incident.

A search of the residence revealed the presence of the involved handgun, which ended up being a very realistic replica handgun/BB gun. Despite this, the manner in which it was used and represented constitutes felony assault in the state of Minnesota.

“I am thankful for the dedicated work of the officers and how the case was handled. I extend my appreciation to Sheriff Caulk and the Isanti County Joint Law Enforcement Special Response Team,” Dwyer said. “The Joint Isanti County Law Enforcement Special Response Team, made up of members of each law enforcement agency in the county, was formed last year for the execution of high risk warrants like this, barricades suspect situations, and other potentially critical incidents which require enhanced operational tactics to ensure the safety of officers, residents and all persons involved.”

Caulk said Isanti County has positive working relationships with all emergency responders.

“I appreciate the working relationship that has formed over the past couple years and all the efforts of our police officers, fire department members, emergency medical workers and first responders,” Caulk said. “From day-to-day operations, we all operate in our individual silos, but on certain days, these silos come together due to these more serious incidents and we need each other’s assistance.”

Dwyer would also like to ensure residents the incident was between subjects who knew each other and there appears to be no threat to the general public. With this said, the Cambridge Police Department takes citizen concerns seriously. If you have questions or concerns about this or other incidents, contact the Cambridge Police Department a at 763-689-9567 or email [email protected]

According to the criminal complaint:
Cambridge Police Officer Dan Owl received an assault call regarding a male getting a gun pointed at him. Owl talked to the victim and had him come to the Cambridge Police Department to give a statement.

Cambridge detective Matt Giese spoke with the victim and took a taped statement that the victim got into an argument with his roommate, Hendry, who kept locking him out of the house. The victim stated he knocked on the door to the home and Hendry told him to leave. The victim continued to knock and eventually was let in. He stated he went into the house to move some of his property.

The victim stated their other roommate also came in to use the restroom and Hendry became upset because they stepped on his freshly shampooed carpet.

The victim noticed Hendry was holding a handgun and at one point Hendry was yelling at him and waving the gun in his face. Both roommates then left the home.

Giese spoke with the other victim at the Cambridge Police Department and took a taped statement. He stated that tonight he and his other roommate were locked out of the house, that Hendry eventually opened the door, and he went to use the restroom. He said he heard his other roommate and Hendry arguing, and observed Hendry pointing a gun in his roommate’s face.

Giese had Owl watch the house while a warrant was drafted. The Special Response team was called and responded. As law enforcement arrived on scene, Giese attempted to call Hendry on the phone without success. Law enforcement then commanded Hendry over the loudspeaker to exit the home with his hands up. Eventually Hendry exited the home and was taken into custody without incident.

A search of the home revealed a gun in the garbage can that matched the description as described by the victims.

Hendry explained there was an argument between himself and his roommates over him having control over the house. Hendry stated he did not want anyone in the home because he was cleaning the carpet. He said there was a verbal argument inside the home with his two roommates, but he never put his hands on anyone; the only thing he did was push the vacuum at one of his roommate’s feet as he walked out the door. When asked about a gun being involved, Hendry stated there is a BB gun in the owner’s room. Hendry told Giese the gun looks like a 9 mm or .40 caliber, but claims he never touched it or pointed it at anyone.