Isanti County Sheriff’s Office introduces new K-9

Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk with Isanti County Deputy Sheriff
John Gillquist and K-9 Raider.
Photo by Noelle Olson
Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk and Isanti County Deputy Sheriff John Gillquist introduced Raider, the new K-9 who recently came overseas from the Czech Republic, during the Isanti County Board Meeting Sept. 6.
“We have a need for a second K-9 dog because the schools are asking for dogs to sniff for drugs and more calls for service involving a K-9,” Caulk said.
Raider is a year and a half and did not know any English when he arrived here a month ago. He has started a 12-week training course down in Blaine with his handler Gillquist.
“Raider learned basic obedience in the Czech Republic so he did come with some training,” Gillquist said. “Right now, it’s a lot of conditioning for the handlers down there and eventually we’re getting to obedience. It’s a pretty intensive 12-week course.”
Gillquist stated Raider has adjusted very well in his new home.
“At home he’s been doing really good. I have three little kids, ages six, five and four,” he said. “The kids came up to the kennel and Raider kissed their hands. He’s warmed up to the family and he’s been doing awesome. The kids just adore him.”
Caulk is excited about a second K-9 program beginning later this year.
“I know John will do a wonderful job and I’m excited to have another dog working with us,” Caulk said. “The one thing they always said in K-9 school is that you get the dog you deserve, and I totally believe that he’s a wonderful dog.”

In other news:
• The Isanti County Parks Department was awarded a Park and Trail Legacy Grant from the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission for further development at Irving and John Anderson County Park. The projects are to be completed prior to July 1, 2019, and include a permanent restroom, a well and drinking fountain, supplying power to the picnic shelter, creating a play hill in the nature play scape and expansion of parking areas.
• The Isanti County Board voted unanimously to approve the construction of a floating canoe access and two observation platforms as part of this development grant.