We still believe in miracles

Dear Editor:
Last Wednesday, around 10 a.m., my wife Marlys and I were on Highway 95 heading to Fairview Lakes Hospital in Wyoming. We were traveling at 60 mph when I observed a white SUV coming the other way toward Cambridge.

Suddenly at a high rate of speed, he whipped out into our lane and began passing an entire string of traffic, composed of cars and two semi-trucks. The closer he got, I kept believing he was going to slip in between one of these vehicles at any moment. He didn’t. Instead, he appeared to be aiming at us as he continued on. He had to be traveling at 70 or 80 mph.

Just when it seemed that a collision was unavoidable, it was as if another set of hands took control of our SUV (still traveling at 60 mph) and swerved us over the road bumps and into the gravel and back onto the pavement.

We should have collided, or at the very least, considering our rate of speed, we should have rolled over. When I realized what happened and checked my rear-view mirror, the white SUV was still continuing in the oncoming lane.

For those who don’t believe there are miracles today, I can only say I do believe, and I know my wife and I, as well as that driver in the white SUV and his passengers, if he had any, benefited from one last week.

I know that someone other than myself directed those critical steering moves that saved us all and I know who that was.

I don’t know why we were spared, but God must still, in our old age, have need for us here. Or, perhaps, the other young driver has an important life, yet to live.

To that young man, I have to say: What were you thinking to put us all in that situation? Were you rushing someone to the hospital? Were you high or intoxicated? Or, were you just in a hurry to get to Walmart?
Whatever your reason, that “hurry up” attitude could have changed your life forever, if you even lived. But we all did, because of the hand of God. Maybe you don’t even believe in God, but you’re fortunate if that’s the case, because God still believes in you.

Our father loves us all and wants us with him and his son, Jesus in Heaven, but he’s patient, he’s willing to wait, it doesn’t have to be today, or last Wednesday.

Son, our law officials, and medical people have plenty on their plates right now. They don’t need more. Think…

Tom Rooker