Donate to thrift stores instead of filling dumpsters

Dear Editor:
Why fill our landfills when there is a better way?

Yesterday, Aug. 11, I became aware of a huge dumpster being filled with many usable items from a tax-forfeited home east of Stanchfield.

Why destroy these household items including furniture when donating them to a local second hand store would be a possibility? Both Tusen Tack at Braham and Shalom at Cambridge take used items; resells them at very affordable prices which in turn helps a lot of people out financially.

These two stores also do much good for the community with the earnings from these sales. And, then, there are organizations such as Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors and Disable American Vets who would likely pick up household items.

The goal of everyone in our communities should be to keep “stuff” out of the landfills. I give credit for the use of the Sentence to Serve Program, but much more good could have been done for the good of the community by donating items to either Tusen Tack or Shalom; and not fill the dumpster which in turn fills the landfill.

Marian Eklund