Congressman Nolan gets things done

Dear Editor:
Congressman Rick Nolan is to be commended for his understanding of the fact to fix things and get things done in Congress for the residents of the Minnesota Eighth Congressional District he needs to reach across the aisle in a bi-partisan way to work with Republicans and with everybody. That’s why he was named in a national study as one of the 10 most effective members of Congress, that’s out of 435 Congressmen.

This is why recently he brought three powerful republican colleagues to Minnesota’s Iron Range to see first-hand our mining operations and the need to create good paying jobs in 21st Century mining. Also to show them how important it is to protect the environment, that at the same time they need to support tough, rigorous and sound regulations to protect the environment as we create these good paying jobs. Congressman Nolan believes we can do both.

It’s the same bi-partisanship effort he was successful in saving billions of dollars of proposed cuts to retired Teamsters in the Central States Pension Fund. He works hard to protect Social Security, Medicare and pension’s people have worked hard their whole lives for.

I’m a retired Teamster and have benefited from Congressman Nolan’s efforts to protect our pension now and seek long term solutions for the future solvency of it. I’m grateful for his efforts in this area and his leadership in finding a balance that protects the environment and allows mining minerals with state of the art technology.

Gerald Spencer