Please pay attention while behind the wheel

Dear Editor:
Many of the people in our community have seen the “Greyhound Lady” (Mrs. G) in Isanti, walking her dogs. She and her family are close friends of ours. This is something she has done everyday, many times a day, at the exact same times for the past 15 years. You won’t see her doing that anymore.

She and one of her three dogs she was walking, Willow, were hit by a car on July 7 while out on their walk. She was injured and taken to a hospital in Minneapolis and placed in an intensive care unit. These dogs mean everything to her. She was more concerned with Willow than herself. She insisted that her husband take Willow to the vet while she was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately Willow didn’t survive.

We are all heartbroken, yet so thankful that Mrs. G is alive and will be okay in time … physically. Emotional scars are going to be hard to heal. She doesn’t ever want to walk her dogs again. This was a huge part of her life.

Please people, pay attention when you’re behind the wheel. Distracted driving, inattentive driving, don’t let this change your life forever, as it has hers. Put both hands on the wheel and drive. That text, social media can wait, if it can’t, just pull over. Nothing is worth it.

Michelle Prescott-Guderian
Tim Guderian