St. Francis man with prior convictions charged with felony theft in Isanti County

Jacob Dean Theis
JJA St. Francis man has been charged with theft in connection with an incident in Isanti County.

Jacob Dean Theis, 26, was charged with felony theft, use or transfer of movable property without consent. A warrant for Theis’ arrest was issued on June 5. Theis’ first appearance in court was on June 8 before Judge Amy Brosnahan in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge. Bail was set at $10,000 with conditions or $35,000 without. A petition to enter a guilty plea was filed on June 22 and sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 13.
According to the criminal complaint, Theis has prior convictions for burglary in Anoka County from October 2012 and April 2014, and in Hennepin County from May 2013.

According to the
criminal complaint:
At 12:13 p.m. on April 29, Isanti County Deputy Thomas Jerome was dispatched to a theft in Isanti County.

Jerome met with the homeowner, who reported he observed a silver Dodge pickup with bright pink wheels backing up into his pole barn. The homeowner approached the vehicle and saw a male driver with black hair and a male passenger with blond hair. The homeowner confronted the males but the truck quickly left the driveway. As the truck left, the homeowner noticed his welder bouncing around in the back of it. He was able to take down the truck’s license plate number as it left. Later, the homeowner determined his chainsaw was also missing.

Jerome put out an alert on the license plate and the vehicle’s description.

On May 2, Isanti County Investigator Rob Bowker and Isanti County Sgt. Chad Meyer met with the owner of the pickup from the incident. The owner indicated that on April 29 Theis asked him for a ride to a pawn shop to pawn some items. When picked up, Theis loaded the welder and chainsaw into the back of the truck. Theis then told the owner they needed to go to the home of someone he called Rick to pick up a pressure washer. Theis directed the pickup owner to a house and had him back up to the pole shed. Within seconds a male exited the house, and the owner of the pickup rolled down the window and asked if a Rick lived there. The male did not respond but took down the truck’s license plate number. The pickup truck’s owner became nervous they weren’t supposed to be there, and Theis told him to get out of there. The pickup truck owner confronted Theis about what was going on, but Theis told him everything was OK and they were not in any trouble.

The pickup truck owner drove Theis to the Pawn America in Anoka.
The owner of the pickup truck was cooperative and answered all of the investigators’ questions when contacted.

Bowker contacted the Pawn America and recovered the chainsaw and welder. He was able to return them to the homeowner, who confirmed they were his. The value of the chainsaw was $130 and the welder was $450.