Good Samaritans prevent theft of trailer from property in rural Isanti County

Troy Anthony Dye
A Columbia Heights man is facing three charges relating to an incident in early June after his attempts to steal a trailer from a property in Bradford Township were blocked due to the watchful eye of local residents.

Troy Anthony Dye, 36, of Columbia Heights, was charged June 6 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge before Judge Amy Brosnahan with felony theft, gross misdemeanor interference with an emergency 911 call and misdemeanor tampering with a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.
Bail was set at $75,000 without conditions or $30,000 with conditions. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 31.

According to the
criminal complaint:

At 6:46 p.m. on June 4, Isanti County Deputy Matt Burkhardt was dispatched to Drake Street Northwest following a report that Dye, driving a white Ford Ranger, was attempting to steal a trailer. The complainant had blocked Dye and prevented him from leaving with the trailer, but Dye fled the property on foot.
The complainant reported to Burkhardt that he had just gotten out of his swimming pool and looked across the street and observed Dye attaching a trailer to a white Ford Ranger, which then began to drive from the property, becoming stuck on a large burn pile. The complainant drove across the street and blocked the truck so it could not leave the property.

When confronted by the complainant, Dye told him the trailer belonged to a friend of his and he was borrowing it. He told the complainant not to call the police because he had permission to borrow the trailer. Dye then attempted to drive around the complainant, but remained stuck. Dye unhooked the trailer and the complainant called 911.

Dye tried to grab the complainant’s phone and swat it away, unsuccessfully. Dye pushed the complainant out of the way and ran toward Flamingo Street Northwest.

While at the Drake Street property, Burkhardt was dispatched to a call at Flamingo Street Northwest, where it was reported a male matching Dye’s description was found inside of a homeowner’s vehicle, begging the homeowner for a ride out of the area. The male had fled the Flamingo Street residence to the north.

Upon arrival to Flamingo Street, the homeowner reported he had seen Dye enter his car and confronted him. Dye offered the homeowner $100 to give him a ride out of the area, saying he had just gotten into a fight with a friend. When the homeowner offered to call the police on Dye’s behalf, Dye walked away.

Isanti County Deputy Jonathan Vander Vegt and K-9 Kojak were dispatched to the scene to search for the suspect. They found Dye lying in a field to the northeast of the Flamingo Street property.

Dye was found to have an active arrest warrant out of Washington County. The initial complainant was brought to the location of the suspect’s arrest, where he positively identified him as the man who attempted to steal the trailer.