Thank you, city of Braham

Dear Editor:
It has been one of the greatest honors in my life to have been elected to the position of City Council for Braham through two elections. To be elected means that a majority voted with confidence in my character, ethics and morals and believed that I would represent the city well and make decisions and act on its behalf with the trust that those decisions and actions would benefit the long term growth of the city and benefit its members within the community. I have strived to do just that and can only hope in the eyes of the council and of the members of our community that I fulfilled those expectations.
I have recently had an opportunity to purchase a home outside of the city limits. The move would be beneficial to my family and myself. In considering the advantages and disadvantages to a move I know that by leaving the city of Braham my position on the council would be at stake. After careful consideration I have decided on the move and am, with mixed emotions, officially resigning my position on the council.
I want to thank the community of Braham for supporting me in these elections and having faith in my abilities to represent our city. I have no words great enough to express my overwhelming gratitude for that support. It is not something I take for granted and I will never forget it. I am hopeful that I can continue to represent Braham on a volunteer basis in an effort to continue to contribute where I can. I will still be running our Cub Scout program in Braham and don’t plan to leave the world of politics for long. The six years on the council has given me an incredible resource into learning city planning, budgeting, policy and procedure and the legalities in office. More importantly, it has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people within the Braham community and surrounding areas. My plans are to now try and represent the township from which I will be moving to in the same manner as on the council. In doing so I am encouraged in my belief that it will strengthen my abilities and candidacy as I one day run for the office of sheriff.
I am so proud to have been part of this incredible group of men and women working hard on behalf of Braham. My respect for the council, the mayor and city administrator and the city of Braham are in the highest regards. I believe with no uncertainty that whomever replaces my position will fill that capacity with success under your guidance and tutelage.

Wayne Seiberlich
Former Braham City Council member