A Place For You continues to serve people in Isanti County

Dear Editor:
A Place For You, a transitional homeless shelter in Pine City serving Pine, Kanabec, Carlton, Chisago, Isanti and Mille Lacs counties, is one of my favorite places. All the things it stands for are dear to my heart.

At A Place For You we work hard, not provide handouts, but provide a hand up. We expect the residents to work hard to make changes that will provide lasting stability in their lives. We believe in compassion, kindness and understanding. We also believe in community, responsibility and respect. We have been blessed with great volunteers, great board members, great staff and the great people we serve.

I am proud to announce we have served over 355 people since we opened in November of 2012. I am not proud that we have not been able to serve the other 1,500 people who were looking for help. However, we do as much as we can. Though we make a small difference to the total population, to the people we have helped, we have changed their world.

We have a lot of exciting things going on this year. Please check us out on Facebook and our website at apfy.org for details. We have planned a fishing contest on Aug. 19 in Pine City and plan a block party afterward to raise money for the shelter. We are hoping this opportunity will bring all the communities we serve together and help us share more information about the shelter. We will have games, food, raffles and prizes. Bring the whole family and join us for a day of fun.

We will also be having our yearly GALA to assist with operating funds on Oct. 13. Please watch for information about the GALA on our website. It is always a lot of fun and well attended. Last year we raised over $31,000 to help support our operating expenses. We hope to exceed that this year.

If you are in Pine City and would like to tour of A Place For You, I invite you to stop by. One of the things you will see is the new painting and decorating volunteers and residents have done. Most of the common areas have been painted and are looking great. We also have some major repairs that have to be done in our storage area. We have contractors coming any day to start the repairs.

I hope you think of A Place For You from time to time. I hope those thoughts are warm and comforting for everyone by knowing that our communities not only understood rural homelessness, but we are doing something about it. You can help and be a part of the solution. Please contact me at 320-438-7070 for information or go to our website at apfy.org. And then, join us on Aug. 19 for the fishing contest and block party.

Linda Cassman, Executive Director
A Place For You