Braham Supermileage team learns on and off the track

The Braham Supermileage team continues to impress on and off the track. This season was not only about creating the most innovative car, but also growing and learning with teams from across the world.

The Braham team with their new friends from Guatemala. From left is Dylan Goodson, Makailah Torsch, Ben Carlson, Dylan Ramthun, Jeremy Brown, Weston Maslow, Mario, Sergio, Isabella and Emilio. Photos supplied

After working for seven weeks, rebuilding and testing their top urban car “Maze Runner,” the team was ready to head to the Shell Eco-marathon competition in Detroit on April 27-30.

In 2016, the team ran into complications during their inspection that almost cost them a shot at the competition. This year; however, they were ready to race with time to spare to help a team in need.

Coach Luke Becker was ready to dismiss his team for the night after their car was prepared for inspection, when he caught wind of a team from Guatemala who were in desperate need of help.

When given the option to leave and enjoy their night, or stay in the pit to help an opposing team, all six members stuck around and got back to work.

Second year member, sophomore Jeremy Brown, added it was not a hard decision for the team to stick around and offer their help.

“That is what it’s all about,” he said. “It’s all hands on, and we came together as a team.”

After a long night of working with their new friends from Guatemala, they were ready for the competition.

Braham passed their inspection after only two trips through the gate, which impressed head coach Luke Becker.

“Most colleges take six to eight times through,” he said.

The ‘Maze Runner’ hits the starting line in Detroit.

Unfortunately, the team failed to complete a lap during the competition, and their trip to the Motor City left them empty-handed.

While it may not have been a success on the track, they certainly made waves off it. Next season, when the competition moves to California, Braham will request to be pitted with their new friends from Guatemala.

Freshman Ben Carlson stated most of them still communicate with the Guatemala team via Snapchat. Becker was still proud of how is team performed, and stated the trip was worth every minute.

“I would say it was a successful trip without being successful,” he added.

After their trip to Detroit, the team returned to Braham to begin tweaking the car for their shot at redemption. On May 15 and 16, the team traveled to Brainerd Raceway for the 29th annual High School Supermileage Challenge.

While Becker was in charge of the event, he was not allowed to help his team once they arrived to Brainerd. It did not matter, as the team was properly prepared.

The Maze Runner took home first-place in the state for ‘quality of craftsmanship,’ while their stock car came in third.

The team only completed one run at the Brainerd track, and did not place. If they had; however, Becker said the team would have ended up in fifth-place.

Carlson is proud of his teammates, and how their cars preformed. It is not all about how you finish, but what you learn along the way, and how you get there.

“You get to learn a lot about cars, and it is good competition,” he added. “It’s really just a great experience.”