Charges filed following narcotics search in Stanchfield

Charges have been filed against two people following the execution of a narcotics search warrant along Naples Street Northeast in Stanchfield by members of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office and the East Central Drug and Violent Offenders Task Force.

According to a press release issued by the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office and the criminal complaint filed against her, Susan Marie Larson, 37, of Stanchfield, was charged with one felony count of fifth-degree sale of drugs, one gross misdemeanor count of fifth-degree sale of drugs, misdemeanor possession of hypodermic needles and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the same press release and the criminal complaint for his case, Jacob Michael Leclaire, 28, of Braham, was charged with one misdemeanor count of fifth-degree sale of drugs and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.
According to the press release, a third person, Jeremy William Nord, 42, of Stanchfield, was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Charges remain pending in his case.

Larson and Leclaire both made their first appearances in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge on Friday, June 9, before Judge Amy Brosnahan. On that date, both were released on their own recognizance with conditions. Omnibus hearings for both Larson and Leclaire are scheduled for 1:30 p.m. July 26 before judge P. Hunter Anderson.

According to the criminal complaints:
Agent Wayne Seiberlich of the East Central Drug and Violent Offenders Task Force acquired a search warrant for a Naples Street home, having obtained probable cause to believe sales of methamphetamine and use were taking place at a residence in the area.

A search was conducted on June 7, shortly before 5 a.m. Officers made forced entry into the home through its rear entrance. As they approached on foot, a voice inside the home was heard to ask, “Can I help you?”

Upon entering the home, officers found Nord lying on the floor and detained him. In the same room were found a glass bulb pipe believed to contain methamphetamine, a shotgun behind a couch with no visible serial number and a magazine consistent with an AR style rifle. When asked by an officer where the rifle corresponding to the magazine was, Nord stated he wasn’t sure, possibly downstairs or in the garage. A plastic bag containing white residue was found by an officer after looking beneath a couch cushion, and an AR-style semiautomatic rifle was located beneath a blanket on the couch.

Deputies proceeded to the basement, where they found Leclaire lying in bed in a room behind a closed door. An officer searched Leclaire and found a glass bubble pipe and vial with residue, both of which later tested positive for methamphetamine. Leclaire warned the officer before the search that he had a pocket knife in his pocket. Leclaire was arrested, and when he was later searched again at the jail, a plastic bag was found containing small crystal-like substances. It later tested positive for methamphetamine.

An officer proceeded through the kitchen and went upstairs, where he found Larson sitting on a bed and placed her in handcuffs, informing her that she was being detained.

While conducting their search, officers located several security cameras on the property. The suspected cameras had earlier been cited by Seiberlich as reason to execute their warrant in the early morning hours. Inside the garage, an investigator found two smart televisions in boxes. Larson is known to have engaged in retail theft previously.

In the upper level bedroom, items were photographed by investigators including syringes and a spoon with an unknown white substance on it which later tested positive for methamphetamine. A methamphetamine smoking device and a bent straw consistent with methamphetamine use were found in the downstairs bedroom, and a device believed to be a marijuana bong and another plastic bag containing white substances were found in the upstairs bedroom; both the bag found upstairs and the pipe found downstairs later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Two business checks made out to Leclaire were found in the closet of the upstairs bedroom. Also in the closet were found numerous scales, vials and similar bags consistent with the packaging, storage and sale of controlled substances, too many in number for personal use. A notepad containing names and notes consistent with drug ledgers, as well as a security badge that could be easily mistaken for a police officer’s badge, were also found.