Art and Science Academy’s musical a success


Art and Science Academy’s third annual musical performance was a big success.

Each year, Art and Science Academy theater teacher and author Ben Mulhern has created a musical play that has been performed by ASA students in all grade levels.

This year, students in grades 4-8 performed in the musical comedy: ‘Casey Cometchaser and the Intergalactic Zoo,’ a futuristic story of a colony director who decides to improve the local zoo by sending a ship back to earth to get the last few animals at the last open zoo on the planet–Como Zoo in Saint Paul–and bring them back to the Bliss-II colony.

The play sold about 400 tickets, primarily to parents, family and friends of the cast. This year, the students also integrated more digital media created specifically for the play, along with video and sound effects into the story, adding more humor to the play.

“It’s been a pleasure watching students prepare for this play during and after school,” said Jill Arendt, school administrator. “The motivation level is incredible as students have worked on memorizing lines, building props for the play in art class, and practicing songs created for the play and rehearsed in music class.”

These plays involve multiple disciplines, integrating visual art with digital, theater and acting with music and choir.
“It’s a team effort,” Mulhern said. Many teachers and staff have worked long hours but the satisfaction of creating a musical that involves so many and is enjoyed by so many, is huge.”

Art and Science Academy is a tuition free public charter school in Isanti. For more information visit or call 763-444-0342.