Braham’s Paitl to play volleyball at college level

In a talented group of upperclassmen, another Braham athlete will be moving on to play at the next level.

Kaylie Paitl

Senior Kaylie Paitl has signed her letter of intent to attend St. Catherine University in St. Paul, where she will play volleyball.

Paitl has been playing volleyball since seventh grade and has fallen in love with the game. When the school season ends, she hops right into her club team with Northern Lights.

Paitl was looking at other schools such as Hamline, St. Scholastica and Stout, but in the end, the physical therapy program at St. Catherine was too good to pass up.

“They have a really good physical therapy program, one of the best in the state,” she said. “They have an option where you can get your graduate and undergraduate in six years instead of seven.”

Physical therapy became a passion for Paitl after she tore her ACL during her junior year. She wants to be able to help patients and relate to them as they recover from injuries.

Stating the volleyball is “a bonus,” Paitl is excited to get to work with her new coach and teammates.

“The coach is new, and it seems like he has a lot of ways that he wants to improve the team,” she said.

Paitl will miss her time at Braham High School, but most of all she will miss her favorite math teacher, Kearina Maher.