Isanti moves forward with intersection control evaluation at Highway 65 and Cajima

Isanti is taking the next steps in moving forward with the possibility of getting a change in traffic control at the intersection of Highway 65 and Cajima Street Northeast.

In December, the Isanti City Council approved a resolution authorizing a traffic signal study for the intersection, and the results of that study were presented at the council’s April 4 meeting.

City Engineer Brad DeWolf from Bolton & Menk explained the preliminary analysis included a high-level review of the intersection location and the existing and forecasted conditions to understand if the location is a viable candidate for a change in traffic control.

DeWolf said based on the preliminary analysis, the intersection meets many of the conditions that indicate a change in traffic control may be needed and the location is appropriate based on its spacing to other intersections. Some of the analysis included:

• Ten crashes were recorded at the intersection from 2013 to 2015, but none of the crashes were fatal or serious injury crashes.

• The intersection currently meets the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device four-hour warrant to consider a change in traffic control, but a signal is currently not justified by MnDOT based on eight-hour volumes.

• The intersection currently operates acceptably overall, but the side-street left turns onto Highway 65 operate at unacceptable levels during the morning and afternoon peak hours.

• The westbound left delay is anticipated to increase from below 90 seconds to over 1,100 seconds per vehicle over the next 20 years with the current stop control in the morning and afternoon peak hours.

DeWolf said he met with MnDOT and they recommend completing an Intersection Control Evaluation Report to verify the location suitability and determine the intersection improvements needed with detailed analysis and intersection concepts.

The council approved moving forward with having DeWolf complete the Intersection Control Evaluation Report for a maximum fee of $12,970.

Palomino Road Southeast improvements
Based on resident feedback at the March 21 City Council meeting regarding pedestrian alternatives as part of the Palomino Road Southeast street improvement project, DeWolf created a 5-foot concrete walk alternative to the proposed 10-foot bituminous trail along the north side of Palomino Road Southeast from Railroad Avenue to Highway 65.

DeWolf presented options on both the 10-foot bituminous trail and the 5-foot concrete sidewalk. He said both alternatives are feasible from an engineering standpoint and are essentially the same cost. He said both projects are eligible for state aid funding.

DeWolf did note the bituminous trail would require eight trees to be removed compared to only three trees with the concrete sidewalk.

Following discussion, the council decided to move forward with the 5-foot concrete sidewalk, since it would have less of an impact on homeowners.