Adeline Mae Farr

Adeline Mae Farr was born asleep on Friday, April 14, 2017 at 3:59 a.m., held in the loving arms of her parents, Sadie and Alan Farr. Addie Mae was perfect in every way, but God had plans for her, she now has her Angel wings, and is in the loving arms of God. She will forever be remembered and loved.

Born Asleep
I never saw YOUR SMILE or the COLOR of your eyes.
I never heard your laughter, and I never heard your cries.
You never felt MY KISSES upon your cheek and nose.
Or tickles underneath your chin and on your little toes.
You didn’t hear, “I LOVE YOU,” and you didn’t
See me weep, for your spirit left your body, and you
Were BORN ASLEEP. But there will come a time
When in death, my eyes close too. And I know
That when they open I’LL AWAKEN there with you.
God carries you in his arms
We carry YOU in our HEART

Adeline Mae Farr, our little Angel, is survived by her parents Sadie and Alan Farr; her brothers Connor and Carter; grandparents Pamela and Thomas Weeks, and Susan Farr; great-grandparent Gary Fisher. Also survived by her aunts Kendra Anderson, Tine (Fernando) Palomino; uncles Shane (Kelly) Weeks, Jeff (Shelly) Farr, Jeremy (Jamie) Weeks; and many great-aunts and great-uncles.
A private memorial will be held in her loving memory.
Arrangements by Carlson-Lillemoen Funeral Home, 763-689-2244.

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