Celebrating telecommunicators week

Chris Caulk
Isanti County Sheriff

In 1991, Congress proclaimed the second week of April to be dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators.

Since then, and increasingly for the past several years, public safety agencies nationwide have recognized the pivotal role played by police and fire dispatchers who utilize telephones, radios, computers and many other communications media to provide support to law enforcement, fire services, and emergency medical services.

The Isanti County Sheriffs Office Communications Center has an authorized staff of seven full-time dispatchers and two part-time dispatchers. Dispatchers provide an essential service to the community. Their role in the Sheriff’s Office is to receive and triage those hundreds of thousands of calls, prioritize emergencies, coordinate resources and provide support to the responding field personnel.

Dispatchers work in a state of the art Communications Center. They are experts in utilizing many different computer systems and programs including intelligent phone workstations, Computer-Aided Dispatch, Global Positioning Satellite vehicle locators, Motorola 800 MHz trunked radio system, and a camera system enabling them to monitor the activities of many different people.

“Dispatchers are our unseen first responders,” Sheriff Chris Caulk said. “Their work is a critical link in our efforts to keep the citizens and people of Isanti County safe”.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to honor its public safety telecommunications staff this week and show our appreciation for the excellent work that they do every day.