Two men charged after stolen trailer recovered in Isanti County

Two men have been charged after a trailer was allegedly stolen in January while parked at a corporation in the city of Rogers and was recently recovered from a private residence in Cambridge Township.

Mark Michael Schlichting
Mark Michael Schlichting

Mark Michael Schlichting, 39, of Stanford Township, and Andrew John Polzin, 27, of Isanti, were charged before Judge James Dehn on April 7 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge.

Schlichting was charged with felony second-degree drug possession (possession of 25 grams or more), and misdemeanor fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle. His bail was set at $50,000 without conditions or $20,000 with conditions, and his next court appearance was set for May 24.

Polzin was charged with felony receiving stolen property. His bail was set at $14,000 without conditions or $7,000 with conditions, and his next court appearance was set for May 18.

The men were charged after the trailer was located on April 5 on a property along the 34700 block of Hastings Street Northeast. The Isanti County Sheriff’s Office worked with the Rogers Police Department and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office on the case.

Andrew John Polzin
Andrew John Polzin

“Investigators from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office were working a case of a stolen trailer and ice fishing equipment from the Rogers area when the Hennepin County investigation led them to Isanti County,” said Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk. “Once here, we did surveillance for Hennepin County and then on April 5 the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at the property for stolen property. The suspects were arrested and charged with the crimes as presented in the complaint. Isanti County Family Services assisted at the scene with the welfare of an infant.”

According to the criminal complaint:
On Jan. 13, Rogers Police officer Shawn Wilbur was dispatched to the Clam Corporation in the city of Rogers on a reported theft.
Clam Corporation reported a theft of a 2015 Stealth Titan 7-by-14-foot trailer. Wilbur contacted the owner of the trailer who reported the trailer had been parked at the Clam Corporation because they were a sponsor of his. He said the trailer was stolen and it contained a Vexilar cold suit, IceArmor suits, Arctic Fisheries ice fishing tip ups, a Clam Edge ice auger, an Arctic Cat motorcycle helmet, an ice chisel and a round fishing tackle box. The approximate value of the stolen items was $5,200.

Wilbur discovered a video from Clam Corporation showing an older Chevrolet Tahoe, light in color, pull into the lot on Jan. 11, hook up to the trailer and exit the lot with the trailer attached.

On April 5, Isanti County Investigator Rob Bowker was contacted by Detective Tom Sonenstahl of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office regarding a suspect in the trailer theft. Sonenstahl asked Bowker if he could drive by a residence along the 34700 block of Hastings Street Northeast to see if the Tahoe and trailer were there. Upon arrival, Bowker observed the trailer parked in the front yard and attached to the Tahoe. Bowker continued surveillance of the property until Detective Dan Drake of the Rogers Police Department arrived. Upon Drake’s arrival, a warrant was drafted and signed.

Upon arrival at the residence to execute the warrant, Bowker noted a different vehicle in the driveway along with two males and a female standing by it.

Bowker radioed that information to the other deputies, stepped out of his vehicle and told the parties to get to the ground. Schlichting made furtive movements to his waistband while standing in front of the vehicle and Bowker again directed the parties to get to the ground.

Schlichting then started running and threw several items to the ground. Eventually Schlichting fell to the ground and was handcuffed.

Bowker then went back and looked toward the area where Schlichting had thrown some items and observed a medium sized bag, with another bag inside of it. The inside bag tested positive for methamphetamine, and weighed 43 grams.

Isanti County Deputy Doug Barron conducted the search of Schlichting and located on him was a clear bag with a small crystal rock, $703 in cash, a glass pipe with residue, a syringe with clear liquid that tested positive for methamphetamine, four syringes, a medium bag with a crystal-like rock substance and metal spoon, a medium bag that contained numerous smaller bags, cotton swabs, a scale, several lighters and a miscellaneous card.

Drake confirmed the observed trailer was the stolen trailer he had been investigating. Drake also observed a female party was present with a baby, along with Polzin.

Drake then proceeded to the residence where he found the Vexilar jacket. Inside the garage Drake found an Arctic Fisheries pop up with a white bucket with tip ups, an Arctic Cat motorcycle helmet and ice fishing poles.

Drake conducted an interview with Polzin after giving him a Miranda warning. Polzin indicated another man brought the trailer to his residence in January and Polzin agreed to buy the trailer, but they disagreed over the price.

Polzin said he knew the trailer was stolen because of the price, and because the IceArmor suits and other items were inside of it. Polzin further admitted the Vexilar jacket was in the bedroom, along with the IceArmor suits. Polzin stated the Arctic Cat helmet and tip ups were in the camper parked next to the house and gave Drake permission to recover those items. Polzin further commented any tip ups located came from the trailer.