Nolan is a true man of the people

Dear Editor:

Fractures in the Republican party have now been made apparent since the election of President Trump. Moderate Republicans feared voters in 2018 wouldn’t take kindly to having their health care cut, and conservative Republicans angered as their supposed poster-boy didn’t take enough health care plans away from poor people. The tailed bill was withdrawn.

This plan would have taken away health care from 24 million hard-working American people by 2026 to give tax cuts to the rich. Tens of thousands of people in the Eighth Congressional District could have faced the brunt of cuts.

The reassurance we have in the Eighth Congressional District is that Congressman Rick Nolan spoke out against this attempt to take advantage of Minnesota families to benefit the rich. I am very proud to have him representing me. He is a loud and effective voice in Washington for the people of Minnesota’s Northland.

We are lucky to have a representative like Congressman Rick Nolan to fight against malicious attempts to take our health care. Congressman Rick Nolan is a true man of the people.

Barb Kruschel