Do not take away funding from Planned Parenthood

Dear Editor:

We need to oppose Minnesota HB 1962. It has been introduced in the Minnesota House.

Those opposed to choice for women, men and couples are moving fast to take more funding away from Planned Parenthood here in Minnesota. My local Representative, Brian Johnson, is listed as a co-sponsor of this bill, called HF 1962. For a full list of all the co-sponsors and links to the bill’s full text go to

They didn’t lose anytime after the tie breaker at the national level for a federal bill that allows states to decide whether family planning and/or health clinics get certain federal funds. The Hyde amendment has been in place since 1976, and it prevents federal funds paying for abortions. So the federal funds this bill (HB 1962) is about are strictly only for health care. Those trying to take away these funds are either ignorant or uncaring of what the facts are. A majority of what Planned Parenthood does is health care, vital to those who want professional, quality care that includes wellness, cancer screening, family planning. STD testing and many other services that have been kept affordable for those who might not otherwise have any access to it.

Please call, email, snail mail or post messages on social media to your local representative stating that you do not agree with this bill. The Minnesota Secretary of State website,, is a good source to find out who your elected officials are, under ‘elections and voting.’ Then get involved, and contact your elected official. You can type in your address to find who they are.

People need to have choices in their health care and family planning; not have them taken away by others because of slanted, wrong opinions, fanaticism and just plain bullying.

Connie Walker-Pearson
Springvale Township DFL Precinct Chair