FreezerBurn Fatbike race supports community

Cambridge Family Dental and Outdoor Edge are the primary sponsors for the FreezerBurn Fatbike race held in January in the Springvale Park west of Cambridge off Highway 95. in_freezerburn

The race has generated $2,280 and recently KC Bohn of Outdoor Edge and Barb and Adam Curtis of Cambridge Family Dental were able to donate and present this money to Isanti County Parks Director Barry Wendorf. Wendorf is planning to use the money to expand the mountain bike trails at Springvale park.

He also intends to get started in constructing and expanding the trail system this spring and would like to invite anyone who is interested in trail building and mountain biking to contact him about helping with the maintenance and expansion of these trails.

The FreezerBurn Fatbike race has been held in January at the Springvale park for the last two years. The race consists of one, two, or three 5-mile laps around the park on fatbike specific trails that Isanti County parks and volunteers have groomed for the occasion. During the winter, Isanti Parks grooms close to 5 miles of trails that are open to any fatibke rider. If you would like to participate in the FreezerBurn race, contact either KC Bohn at Outdoor Edge or Barb Curtis at Cambridge Family Dental.

They would like to thank all of the racers, sponsors, and volunteers of the FreezerBurn Fatbike race for their support and on behalf of them extend a very special thanks to Wendorf of Isanti County Parks. They are grateful to have trails to ride in our community and hope that their donation will assist Isanti County Parks in creating more wonderful opportunities to get outside and bike.