Alert system looks to prevent property fraud

The Isanti County Recorder’s Department has installed a land notification alert system.

According to Isanti County Recorder, Connie Lindberg, “We are offering a free service to our citizens to help them avoid falling victim to fraud. The notification system will allow residents to be notified when a document is recorded in the Isanti County Recorder’s office against their name or business.”

The service creates alerts based on information provided by the property owners. Each time a document is recorded an email is sent providing the owner an update of the activity.

You will need to sign up to receive the notification at land or by visiting the Isanti County Website at and visiting the Recorder page. To sign up you will need an email account with Google, Yahoo, AOL or OpenID to sign up for the notifications.

The notification system is a proactive way to prevent fraud. While the county has not yet seen an instance of fraud, a person could forge signatures of homeowners on a new deed and mortgage and walk out with thousands of dollars the same day.
Real Estate fraud does occur in our society and property owners in Isanti County will now be armed with a tool to protect their property.

The system also allows potential problems to be caught early and properly corrected.
Lindberg stated, “Our customers can now take a proactive approach to monitoring their investments, and a home is often the largest investment one will make in their lifetime,”

Isanti County realizes that not all residents of Isanti County has access to the internet. In that case, call the Recorder’s Office at 763-689-1191 and they will be happy to review your property information.

The Land Notification Alert System was paid for by recording fees, not tax dollars. The State of Minnesota recording fee schedule allows the County Recorder’s office to spend part of their collect fees on new technology.

Visit for more information or to sign up for land notification alerts.