FEBRUARY 27, 2017

BRAHAM, MN 55006



The regular school board meeting was called to order by Chair Steven Eklund at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Members present: S. Eklund, M. Thompson, T. Cuda, A. Londgren, A. Flowers, R. Wyganowski, J. Paitl and Supt. Gagner.

Motion by R. Wyganowski, second by T. Cuda to adopt the agenda. Carried.

Motion by M. Thompson, second by J. Paitl to approve the minutes of the January 23rd Regular School Board meeting, approve the February bills $346,320.86; and, accept the February Treasurers report. The board approved the hirings of: Leah West as high school special education teacher. She will be paid on Lane 1, Step 1 of the BEA contract. Her start date was 1/26/17. David Nelson was hired as a cleaner/sweeper. He will be paid at Step 1. His first day was 2/13/17. Katie Becker, Julie Grell and Allyssa Mattson as Bomber Boost Paras. Their start date was 1/31/17. Ms. Becker and Ms. Grell will be paid at Step 2; Ms. Mattson at Step 1. Andrew Shaw as a 6 hour per day ECSE para on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Step 1. Mr. Shaw was also hired as an ECSE teacher for 1 hour per day on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lane 1, Step 1 of the BEA contract. His start date in both positions was 2/15/17. The board accepted the resignation of David Nelson, cleaner/sweeper effective 2/17/17.

During Open Forum Dan McGowan and Mike Warner from the Great Lakes Region Organizing Committee and the Minnesota State Building and Construction Trades Council presented a $1,000 grant check to the school. Their organizations goal is to promote career pathways for high school students to consider the construction industry as a viable career choice. The grants are intended for schools to support their career curriculum but can be used in any way that the awarded school district feels appropriate.

Lori Lemieux, 3rd & 4th grade PLC leader, stated that 3rd and 4th grade are working on reading and math alignment. To help determine that students get help at their level, they review OLPA & FAST testing results. Students are working on biographies, dioramas and collages. They have enjoyed the guest readers during I Love to Read Month and are working on author studies. The cow eye dissecting unit is coming up.

Tracy Fix, 5th & 6th grade PLC leader, shared that to encourage more reading the 5th and 6th grade students are reading through the solar system. The goal is to read 2 million words, but along the way they earn incentives at various levels. Rockets are moved through the system on the walls to visually show the progress they are making. They review OLPA & FAST results to help group the students. There is a lively competition for bringing in box tops to help support the Accelerated Reading store.

Jeff Eklund, Elem Principal, reviewed his written report. Thank you to Tracy Fix, Katie Blomdahl, Lori Lemieux, and Brooke Hohn for their work on the School of Excellence. They are compiling results of the school survey. Congratulations to Nickie Nelson who was chosen by her peers as the T.E.A.M. award winner. She makes the library a fun place to visit. She is creating a makerspace in the media center. Thank you to Jen Lundin, Korey Sybrant, Tracy Fix, Katie Blomdahl, and Lori Lemieux for all their work on the Bomber PRIDE assembly. It was a great success. There were lots of community members present and student ambassadors gave tours and answered questions.

Shawn Kuhnke, Principal/AD, reviewed his written report. East Central Drug and Violent Offender Task Force members, Wayne Seiberlich and Alex Abrahamson spoke to the 7th, 8th and 9th graders in January. A huge thank you to Bryan Johnson for organizing the Jazz Dessert Concert, All Conference Jazz Festivals and the 7-12 Band concerts. American Wrestling Federation performed on February 11th. After all expenses were paid they raised over $2,000. Eric Eskuri and Jesse Anderson placed 3rd & 4th in individual section wrestling. Spring sports begin March 13th.

The board reviewed the Community Ed report. They are still looking for more families to sign up for the Timberwolves/Lynx basketball camp to be held in March. There were 12 students screened at the early childhood screening on 1/24/17. 21 children and 21 adults attended the ECFE Snowball Dance on 2/10/17. Kindergarten round up is Thursday, March 16th from 6 to 7 p.m. Online preschool registration will begin on 4/10/17 at 8 a.m. for the 17-18 classes.

Supt. Gagner reviewed his written report. He attended SEE General Membership, RRSEC Executive Council Board, ECMECC, Grandy Lions, and Braham Chamber meetings. There were six parents and community members who attended the SEE Day at the Capitol on February 16th with Supt. Gagner. The group met with Sen. Michelle Benson, Rep. Cal Bahr, Sen. Mark Koran, Rep. Brian Johnson and Speaker Kurt Daudt. Topics included increasing the basic formula by at least 2% each year of the biennium, increasing the special ed cross subsidy, plans to meet the challenge of the TRA pension issue and increasing debt equalization factors for bonds and referendums. A twelve person steering committee is in place and working on setting up the Braham Area Education Foundation – a community group supporting the school district and students. Supt. Gagner also shared information on the need for budget adjustments which will be proposed and acted on at the March 20th meeting.

Supt. Gagner congratulated the following staff, students and community members for their accomplishments as Braham HONORS recipients. They are: Bryan Johnson, Eric Eskuri, Jacob Lindgren, Carrie Davis, Becky Hesselroth, Duane Swanson, Mike Thompson, Tina Heidelberger, Joan Schleicher, Mike McCarty, Jen Lundin, Korey Sybrant, Tracy Fix, Katie Blomdahl, Brooke Hohn, and Lori Lemieux.

Supt. Gagner presented each board member with a service thanking them for their service to our students. He stated, They are a great group to work with. They really care about kids.

School board members attended various events including the working and special board meetings, band concerts, GBB and BBB games, wrestling events, safe routes to school, Bomber PRIDE assembly, RRSEC executive council, and SEE Day at the Capitol.

Second reading of policy #404 – Employment Background checks. There was no discussion.

Motion by M. Thompson, second by A. Flowers to accept the FY17 Revised budget. Carried.

Motion by. A. Londgren, second by J. Paitl to authorize payment of $7,847.22 from the facilities bond to complete the flooring in the multi-purpose gym. Carried

Motion by T. Cuda, second by J. Paitl for the district to apply for a planning grant for Safe Routes to School. The grant would allow the school and city areas to be looked at to help identify those areas in town that could use sidewalks allowing for safer routes to school. There is no cost at this time. Carried.

Motion by R. Wyganowski, second by J. Paitl to authorize the modification of the Honeywell Energy Guarantee Program service contract. Carried.

Motion by A. Londgren, second by A. Flowers to adopt the following policies that were up for cycle review: #202 – School Board Officers, #709 – Student Transportation Safety Policy, #710 – Extracurricular Transportation, and, #806 – Crisis Management Policy. Carried.

Chair Eklund reminded all present of the Regular School Board meeting to be held on Monday, March 20th at 7:00 p.m. in B100 – Community Room.

Motion by M. Thompson, second by A. Flowers to adjourn the meeting. Chair Eklund adjourned the meeting at 7:39 p.m.


Allison Londgren, Clerk


Steve Eklund, Chair

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April 5, 2017


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