We need to expand the Working Family Tax Credit

Dear Editor:
We work to ensure Chisago County and Isanti County residents struggling to make ends meet are able to get their taxes filed each year and, importantly, claim the tax credits they qualify for.

The state’s Working Family Tax Credit is one tool that truly encourages work and lifts hard-working Minnesotans into the middle class. These are people who work but still may find it difficult to pay for the things that help them stay working, like child care or transportation.

The Working Family Credit can make a real difference in helping workers begin to build savings for emergencies and a more secure future. And people all over the state claim it. Here in Isanti County, 14 percent of households who file income taxes receive it. Expanding it would allow more of our neighbors to succeed at work and achieve greater economic security.

When putting together this year’s tax bill, I urge the Minnesota Legislature to expand the Working Family Credit to ensure every day, hard-working Minnesotans are included.

Robert Benes, Executive Director
Lakes & Pines Community Action Council