A few reminders with Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution

Dear Editor:
We had a fantastic turnout for March. We served 311 families; however, nothing goes without some issues.

The rule that we go by is not to be either on the Isanti County Fairgrounds or parking on different streets leading to there. No one is allowed before 1 p.m. However, the guests that come, some can’t abide by the rules and therefore that is what is creating the issue. Wherever you live, estimate how long it takes to drive to the food place, and then leave your home according to that. This way you won’t have to wait in line outside the location. Starting in April-May, the flea market also starts going. They have use of the Fairgrounds till 1 p.m.

We don’t want anyone to go without food. This is a fully volunteer job. No one gets paid. We have heard many volunteers are not being treated well, especially those that work the parking lots by the guests waiting in line.

We all do this work out of the goodness of our hearts. Many guests are very thankful that they can get this food. It helps on their budget so their money can stretch out for other things.

Also be considerate of the businesses near the Fairgrounds. They don’t want people using their lots for parking and waiting till distribution starts. If everyone would read the signs posted in the building and not leave their home till closer to 1 p.m., everything would work out perfectly. If this doesn’t work, then we may change the time to 2 p.m. to enter the Fairgrounds.

Again I-we want to thank all of our volunteers who put in many hours on distribution day. This is not an easy job. Please, guests, be a little more considerate. Let’s make April a good and peaceful month.

Donna Kidrowski, Secretary
Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution