We need intelligent, local legislators

Dear Editor:
In 2013 the Minnesota legislature approved a bill that would place on the general election ballot a provision in the State Constitution a measure that would create a non partisan citizen council to set legislative salaries.

That amendment passed by a whopping 76 percent vote. Many voters like me hoped this would provide a means for better qualified persons to run for office and then be able to serve their constituents better. That council has approved an inflationary increase (since 1999) of about $414,000 annually for a yearly salary of about $45,000.

Now along comes our esteemed, highly or lowly, Speaker of the House who says in a statement that he is seeking legal advice on accepting or rejecting the raise. Other members of his caucus are considering a budget proposal that would deny funding for the increases. Please, Mr. Daudt, climb down from your little throne and listen to the people. If you don’t need your raise, donate it to a local charity.

We need good intelligent legislators representing us in Isanti County. We don’t need our legislators grandstanding and ignoring voters’ wishes in Minnesota; we get our fill of that from Washington D.C. at the moment.

Maurice Anderson