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Regular meeting minutes

February 23, 2017

The Regular School Board Meeting of Cambridge-Isanti Schools was held on Thursday, February 23, 2017 – 7:00 p.m. at the Education Services Center in Room 121A and B with Board Chair, Tim Hitchings; members, Gary Hawkins, Lynn Wedlund, Heidi Sprandel, Jenni Caulk, Carri Levitski and Nate Reibel; and Ex Officio, Superintendent, Dr. Ray Queener.

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Jenni Caulk to approve meeting agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

Communications/Recognition: Dr. Queener recognized the school board and read the resolution proclaiming School Board Recognition Week as February 20-24, 2017. In appreciation for each board member, Dr. Queener handed out certificates thanking each member and honoring them for their leadership and service to Cambridge-Isanti Schools. Chair Hitchings also shared Dr. Queener has been recognized as MASA (Minnesota Association of School Administrators) Administrator of Excellence. Congratulations to Dr. Queener on this great honor.

School Board Showcase: Principal Shane Dordal, along with teachers Tina Voss, Susie Kaspar, Katie Jo Magaard, and Ann Marie Guldseth (Sue Anderson not present), shared with the board the success at Isanti Primary School with the enrichment initiative they have implemented in their school. This year they are targeting students who fall within exceeding the target area of achievement hoping to further their growth and learning. This initiative reaches kindergarten, 1st graders and 2nd graders with reading and math enrichment to achieve growth on their target score. A video was shown of students presenting things learned and achieved so far this year. A mural with the students handprints was displayed stating Together we can dream, believe and achieve as an example of the connection the enrichment initiative is creating at Isanti Primary School.

Board Committees/Administration Reports were as follows:

– Student Board Member Dr. Queener shared with the board the CIHS Concert Choir performed at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis for the MMEA All-State Choir Festival on Feb. 16th. This honor is in comparison to an athlete going to state competition. Dr. Queener attended and stated it was a great performance. Congratulations CIHS Concert Choir. MN Thespian Conference was held on Feb. 18th and 19th and CIHS brought 25 C-I students under the direction of Viva Howard-Anderson to participate in this event.

– Community Education Dave Maurer, Community Education Director shared with the board there were 682 volunteer applications submitted to work with pre k – 12 and 431 of those are active. The other 251 will be sent a survey to complete with a report on volunteer appreciation coming to the board in April; A grant from Pathways for $88,200 was approved for ECFE for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 to be used for scholarships for pre-school students.

– Legislative Heidi Sprandel and Dr. Queener attended the SEE General Membership meeting and received updates on legislative activity. In addition, Dr. Queener attended SEE Day at the Capitol and met with legislators to discuss educational funding. Five parents from C-I Schools also attended with 30 individuals attending throughout the adjoining districts.

– School Board Member Good News Updates were given on CPS Second grade concert was held Songs of America; 21st iPlay performance was given the five character traits delivered through drama and action. May 5th will be the next play; Book Bonanza next week; kindergarten meetings Feb. 21st and 27th; I Love to Read Month with students having special readers in classroom; March 3rd celebrating Dr. Seusss birthday; Friday, Feb. 24 Fancy Nancy play at CIHS and students will be attending. CIS District spelling bee with 15 students participating; Pennies for Patients brought in $6,152 when set goal was $2,000. Way to go CIS; Compassion Project displayed by SRO representatives and local law enforcement serving ice cream to all students. CMS geography bee led by teachers Mr. Glaser and Mr. Groves and Tyler Haupert was champion; Eighth grade WEB leaders mentoring 6th grade with activities and contests to create collaboration amongst them; Conferences went well; PBIS start off has been very good. CIHS band concert Feb. 27 7 p.m., ACT test March 2nd, and senior retreat, March 2nd. Riverside Academy Recognized a student going to section finals for diving for CIHS. Students were asked what they liked about RA:

– Staff cared about students and boys can wear hats

– Learning time management and realistic goals

– Playing basketball with goal to be a famous ball player

Staff was asked what they liked about RA:

– Miss having a gym, but able to go with students to Anytime Fitness

– 49ers Heavy Equipment Company Hinckley field trip coming up RRSEC had their fiscal audit and it is good; staff development grant received for $64,000 for 2017-2018. It was stated that the STEAM Fair at IMS/MNC was awesome. Very talented students.

– Board Committee Reports Meetings attended: Policy Review Committee; Finance Committee; Long Range Facilities Planning Committee; and Communications Advisory Committee.

Administrative Reports were as follows:

– Updates were shared on Administrative Services and Human Resources, Finance and Operations, Community Education, Communications, Teaching and Learning and Superintendents Report. Dr. Queener also shared with the board he attended the Bluejacket Hall of Fame Committee meeting on February 22nd. The committee discussed plans for the first banquet on August 20, 2017, fundraising for an interactive display to honor inductees and other organizational items.

Administrative Services and HR Director, Julia Lines, explained to the board the changes on the following policies:

– Policy #407 Employee Right to Know Exposure to Hazardous Substances

– Policy #413 Harassment and Violence

– Policy #423 Employee-Student Relationships

– Policy #730 Food Services Management

These policies will come up for approval at next school board meeting.

Dr. Queener presented on Cambridge-Isanti Schools Strategic Plan. He shared that 19 of the 59 action plans have been completed which is 1/3 of total approved. There are still action plans in progress, with some moved to professional development or partially ongoing/completed/developed; Eight have been categorized in the Career and College Readiness FAC; Eighteen have been placed in the Dynamic Student Learning Experience FAC; Four action plans are within the Facilities and Grounds Assessment and Utilization Study FAC; One with School Culture and Learning Environments FAC and one with future projects. One of the action items has been removed from the strategic plan as it was found impractical to fulfill considering the size of Cambridge-Isanti Schools.

Director of Teaching and Learning, Greg Winter, shared with the board the restructure of the Teaching and Learning Department and the impact this restructure will have on the district and its future. With a few new components added and the existing ones in place to help integrate all committees, the department will be able to prioritize data assessment, be at the leading edge on district professional development and continue to offer appropriate resources for teachers moving to digital learning and curriculum of the 21st century.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve consent agenda as amended in the January 19, 2017 School Board Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

Heidi Sprandel met with Director of Finance and Operations, Kris Crocker on February 15th, to discuss Cambridge-Isanti Schools financials and everything looks good. This report includes treasurers report, payment registers, and employee reimbursement reports. Motion made by Carri Levitski, seconded by Jenni Caulk to approve the treasurers report subject to audit. Motion carried unanimously.

Kris Crocker read the resolution on gifts and donations and shared with the board the list of donors, nature of gift and amount of donation (list is in board agenda). Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Nate Reibel to adopt the Resolution on Gifts and Donations to accept gifts, grants or devise of real or personal property. Roll call vote was taken: Lynn Wedlund, yes; Gary Hawkins, yes; Jenni Caulk, yes; Heidi Sprandel, yes; Carri Levitski, yes; and Nate Reibel, yes. Abstaining, Tim Hitchings. Against: None. Whereupon said resolution is declared duly passed and adopted.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve the IMS/CMS Washington D.C. Field Trip from March 30th April 2nd, 2017. Field trip is open to any 8th grade student wanting to attend. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Carri Levitski, seconded by Gary Hawkins to approve the 2016-2017 Revised Fiscal Management Services Agreement between C-I Schools and Rum River Special Education Cooperative. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Nate Reibel, seconded by Jenni Caulk to Abolish Policy #105 Inclusive Decision Making. C-I Schools will still be following inclusive decision making, but not following old policy standards. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Lynn Wedlund to approve Policy #301.2 Position Descriptions.

Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve Policy #303 Superintendent Selection. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Tim Hitchings, seconded by Carri Levitski to approve Policy #304 Superintendent Contract, Duties and Evaluation. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Jenni Caulk, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to adjourn meeting at 8:01 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

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March 29, 2017


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