Braham has openings for Reading and Math Corps tutors

Jeff Eklund, Principal
Braham Area Elementary School

Did you know that you can work at Braham Elementary School and get paid a monthly stipend or earn an education award to help pay for your education? (If over 55, the education stipend can be applied to a child or grandchild)

Braham currently has openings for Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors in our school. Using the latest research based intervention strategies, Reading Corps provides meaningful 1:1 instruction to students that qualify for the service. MRC members are trained in research-based, leveled literacy instruction. Expert coaches and internal coaches (within the school) support members and ensure the use of quality practices. Members track student progress, and with help from their expert coaches, use this data to select appropriate tutoring strategies for each student.

“For kindergarten- through third-grade, the AmeriCorps volunteers assess children three times a year to determine who needs what kind of help. They pull struggling students out of their classes every day for 20-minute one-on-one sessions, using scripted lessons to work on literacy skills ranging from identifying letter sounds to reading fluency.

In preschool, the volunteers not only tutor children but also embed themselves in classrooms all year long, working alongside teachers.”

What is the impact of Reading Corps?
“The effectiveness of Minnesota Reading Corps has been confirmed every year for the past 13 years. Since 2003, Minnesota Reading Corps has provided early intervention services to over 125,000 age 3 through grade 3 students. Annually, Minnesota Reading Corps reaches approximately 30,000 students.” (

Currently, Minnesota Reading Corps tutors serve in over 900 preschool sites and elementary schools across Minnesota.

If you are interested in becoming a Reading or Math Corps Tutor in Braham, contact the elementary office at 320-396-5180. You can also find more information at