Real leadership for ‘Real ID’

Dear Editor:
Our area State Representative Kurt Daudt is serving in a way we can all be grateful for. His service in the capacity of House Speaker requires greater sacrifice. He must serve the citizens of our area while also serving the state and the legislature.

I have however learned of serious concerns after attending hearings on what the state calls a “Real ID” – a Federal ID in state clothing. In 2005, Congress added “Real ID” to a war appropriations bill in the middle of the night without public discussion. This National ID is being forced upon the states by the Department of Homeland Security.

During its brief history, the DHS has been reprimanded in congress for not deporting 86,000 “convicted criminal aliens”; and issuing 9,500 visas to terrorists:, and there are now reports of cocaine smuggling and other illegal or questionable activities in the DHS, which includes election day hacking of elections in Georgia, Indiana and Idaho. Previously the DHS sought to purchase ammunition to handle a 20-year war.

There are far too many issues for our state legislators to cede our constitutional protections of our private identification data to this young federal DHS.

Correspondingly, our federal government has unconstitutionally expanded private citizen surveillance under the Patriot Act; and authorized unlawful indefinite detention of citizens without a right of redress under the National Defense Authorization Act.

All of this is in addition to learning how our political system is not supposed to work.

It’s been reported on radio and by others at the capitol that our Representative Daudt is looking to run for governor and wants the support of the state chamber of commerce who is also pushing for this Federal ID bill.

It is also a documentable fact the speaker’s position gives him more fundraising power than any other non-leadership legislator. Some legislators have even reportedly expressed concerns from being threatened by “leadership” if they do not support this legislation.

While we have something to be thankful for; if any legislator pushes an agenda based on campaign funding and higher office, with or without a leadership position, this not something for us to be proud of. It most certainly does not represent anyone I want for governor.

The best homeland security is under our control in this special place we call home.

Please call area legislators and Speaker Daudt to defeat this bill.

Brian Anderson