Charges filed after man is maced, shot at

An Athens Township man is facing charges after allegedly spraying another man with mace and shooting at him.

Jaycob Peter Hoffman, 24, was charged before Judge James Dehn on March 3 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge with felonies second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felon in possession of firearm, intentional discharge of firearm that endangers safety, two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault and two counts of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault.

Jaycob Peter Hoffman
Jaycob Peter Hoffman

On March 3, Hoffman was ordered to be held without bail in the Isanti County Jail. His next court appearance was scheduled for March 8.

The incident took place around 9:35 a.m. March 1 at a residence along the 1450 block of 248th Avenue Northeast.

According to court records, Hoffman was convicted of felony third-degree burglary in Anoka County in June 2015, felony fifth-degree drug possession in Isanti County in March 2015, felony terroristic threats from June 2013 in Isanti County and gross misdemeanor terroristic threats in Isanti County from January 2014. Hoffman is prohibited from possessing a firearm with this criminal record.

According to the criminal complaint:
Upon arrival at the residence, law enforcement noted a substance all over the front door believed to be bear repellent.

The victim had the same substance on his face, and his eyes were red and watery when he opened the front door.

He appeared to be suffering the effects from being exposed and sprayed with mace.

The victim said he had been sprayed with mace by Hoffman. He indicated Hoffman shot at him and took off in a vehicle.

The victim stated his nephew, and his nephew’s girlfriend, were in the house with him during the altercation.

A can of bear mace was found next to the tracks in the snow that seemed to have gone to and returned from the house. A shell casing was located along the path. It was determined that Hoffman was 38 feet from the victim when the shooting occurred.

Footprints and vehicle tracks were found in the fresh snow. There was also a mark in the snow that appeared to be in the area where the victim stated the fired round hit the ground.

The victim stated earlier in the morning he had gotten a text message from a number he did not know. He stated it was making reference that Hoffman was going to come get him because of a claim that he had raped Hoffman’s girlfriend. The victim stated he then started a text conversation with Hoffman a little later in the morning over the same thing.

The victim stated shortly before law enforcement got the call, Hoffman pulled into his property on the west side of his house and started honking. The victim stated he walked toward the front door and opened it, finding Hoffman standing on the property in the snow. He stated some words were exchanged and then Hoffman started to try to mace him, and an altercation occurred.

Hoffman then came up onto the deck area of the house and tried to stick his hand and arm through the opening of the door. The victim was pushing the door shut, but Hoffman was able to get his arm through and had a stun gun type device in his hand that he was trying to hit the victim with.

Hoffman pulled his arm out of the door and started walking toward the vehicle. The victim followed him outside and they were yelling at each other and Hoffman went to the car. Hoffman was seated in the vehicle, then he grabbed a handgun from the vehicle, raised the handgun up, pointing it at the victim, and then off to the side, pulled the trigger.

The victim’s nephew stated he was upstairs with his girlfriend when he heard a vehicle and honking, which woke him up. When he looked outside, he saw Hoffman sitting in the vehicle. The nephew saw Hoffman holding a silver handgun and it appeared Hoffman was pointing the gun at the victim and then he saw the gun being fired.

Hoffman took off in the vehicle with his girlfriend, in his girlfriend’s vehicle.

Hoffman was picked up in Brooklyn Park at an apartment he shares with his girlfriend and transported to the Isanti County Jail. A search of the apartment revealed several items to include drug paraphernalia, marijuana and a safe in the master bedroom closet. Upon opening the door on the safe, a silver and black handgun, with a box of 9 mm ammo, was found. The firearm matched the one the victim was missing. Also inside the safe was a receipt for jewelry registered to Hoffman, a car key, and two Social Security cards for Hoffman and his girlfriend.