We need more veteran’s homes in Minnesota

Dear Editor:

Currently, Minnesota has a total of 860 beds available to our veterans, in five different homes. For many, these homes are too far away from family. At any time in this state, there is a waiting list of 1,500 vets for one bed.

Montevideo has proposed to the state of Minnesota to build a veteran’s home in their city. It will add another 77 beds. We can only add 144 beds at this time per federal guidelines; which is wrong, as the number of our vets continues to rise.

Montevideo has purchased land, has plans and has raised $5 million to help get this project started. If it passes this year, it will still take four and 1/2 years until they can start moving vets in. The federal government has funds available which wouldn’t leave much for the state to pay out. It is important to interject here that the state pays more out for the animals at the new zoo than on our vets.

Montevideo is also a designated Beyond the Yellow Ribbon community. All they are asking is for you to get behind them on this plan.

Write letters in support of this project to you state representatives and senators. Write to your local newspapers supporting their plan. Contact your local VFWs and your local American Legions. We need more veteran’s homes with this level of care from a community.

Any questions, feel free to contact Montevideo City Hall in Montevideo, Minnesota.

Kathy Leick, Stanchfield
Associate Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 684