JANUARY 19, 2017

The Regular School Board Meeting of Cambridge-Isanti Schools was held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 – 7:00 p.m. at the Education Services Center in Room 121A and B with Board Chair, Tim Hitchings; members, Gary Hawkins, Lynn Wedlund, Heidi Sprandel, Carri Levitski and Nate Reibel; and Ex Officio, Superintendent, Dr. Ray Queener. Absent: Jenni Caulk,

Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve meeting agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

Communications/Recognition: CIHS Social Studies Teacher Shane Weibel shared with the board two Veteran Memorial Plaques David Oker and Duane Peterson who died serving our country. Both men were former students of Cambridge-Isanti Schools. Isanti County Yellow Ribbon funded the two plaques. A Veterans Hallway is being developed at CIHS to recognize students who have made sacrifices to serve our country.

School Board Showcase: Principal Scott Peterson and Sheriff Chris Caulk shared with the board the Adopt an Officer program that has been implemented at CIS. Officers and staff from the law enforcement office interact with students creating a better connection between the officers/law enforcement staff and youth. Thirty one law enforcement staff are participating in the program. Each classroom has their own officer or law enforcement staff person who spends time with the students creating a cohesive partnership. A celebration will take place with all participants (law enforcement, staff and students) at the end of the year.

Board Committees/Administration Reports were as follows:

– Student Board Member Mr. Pauly shared activities and events at CIHS. Aly Niebur, girls hockey, made a new MSHSL record scoring three goals in 15 seconds. This record beats the girls and the boys previous record. CIHS Concert Choir is one of eight chosen to perform at the Minnesota Music Educators Association Mid-Winter Clinic and Convention on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Mississippi 8 Band & Choir performed on January 16th at Princeton High School with 8 CIHS students in choir, 9 CIHS students in band and 1 CIHS student in jazz band.

– Community Education There was no meeting the month of January.

– Legislative SEE meeting scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2017

– School Board Member Good News Updates were given on CPS Minnesota Science Museum, testing, 2nd grade concert and I Love to Read month; CIHS Concerts were attended and were very good.

– Board Committee Reports Meetings attended: Policy Review Committee; Finance Committee; and School Board Orientation II. Binders will be put together for each board member not in attendance to provide the information that was shared at the orientation; MSBA Leadership Conference was attended and many sessions were very informative. A highlight was the students who shared their own development of bringing arrow dynamics into physics and a communication software app for classes during flex hour at the high school level. Former Supreme Court Justice and Minnesota Viking, Alan Page, spoke along with Miranda Beardsley NSBA President.

Administrative Reports were as follows:

– Updates shared on Administrative Services and Human Resources, Finance and Operations, Community Education, Communications, Teaching and Learning and Superintendents Report.

Dr. Queener shared with the board he attended ICICLE (Isanti County Initiative on Collaboration, Leadership and Efficiency) on January 9th. A policy for body cameras on law enforcement within county and school district was discussed and reviewed. A live shooter training will be held and an emergency contact list is being developed. There will be three more meetings throughout the year.

Dr. Queener met with Representative and House Speaker Daudt on Tuesday, January 17th supporting education. Tax payers need relief and equity across the state and increases to the formula allowance to keep up with inflation were the main topics. Those interested in attending the SEE Day at the Capitol on February 16, 2017, contact Kim Cheney and let her know. A van will be reserved and leaving at approximately 8:15 a.m. for car-pooling. There are approximately 4-6 parents who will be attending, along with Dr. Queener.

Administrative Services and HR Director, Julia Lines, explained to the board the changes on the following policies:

– Policy #105 Inclusive Decision Making Abolish Policy

– Policy #301.2 Position Descriptions

– Policy #303 Superintendent Selection

– Policy #304 Superintendent Contract, Duties and Evaluation

These policies will come up for approval at next school board meeting.

Director of Finance and Operations Kris Crocker shared with the board Cambridge-Isanti Schools has received approximately $620,000 in grants from July 1, 2015 to date. Very recently, another grant for $40,000 was approved which allows Cambridge-Isanti Schools to implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to all schools within the district. This brings the total to approximately $660,000 to date.

Director of Teaching and Learning Greg Winter shared with the board an update on the Worlds Best Workforce (WBWF). This bill was put in place to ensure every school district in the state is making strides to increase student achievement. Cambridge-Isanti Schools is working to meet all five goals developed to help in closing the achievement gap for all students.

Dr. Queener presented on the updated Focus Area Conversations (FAC). He shared with the board he, along with the administrative team, developed a framework for each focus area with the following implementation model:

– Evaluate current implementation plans for strategic plan action plans and specific results

– Evaluate implementation from building site plan and tactics

– Discuss and evaluate new areas or ideas for focus areas

– Develop a revised district implementation plan for the next 3-5 years identifying needed program modifications, new program implementation and resource needs.

Facilitators from each FAC presented to the board the charge, research and findings, recommendations and the next steps developed as a team. Questions and discussion took place and updated information will be brought back to the board with a final request for approval when completed.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Carri Levitski to approve consent agenda. Motion carried unanimously.

Heidi Sprandel met with Director of Finance and Operations, Kris Crocker on January 17th, to discuss Cambridge-Isanti Schools financials and everything looks good. This report includes Treasurers Report, Payment Registers, and Employee Reimbursement Reports. Motion made by Carri Levitski, seconded by Tim Hitchings to approve the Treasurers Report subject to audit. Motion carried unanimously.

Kris Crocker read the resolution on gifts and donations and shared with the board the list of donors, nature of gift and amount of donation (list is in board agenda). Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Gary Hawkins to adopt the Resolution on Gifts and Donations to accept gifts, grants or devise of real or personal property. Roll call vote was taken: Lynn Wedlund, yes; Gary Hawkins, yes; Tim Hitchings, yes; Heidi Sprandel, yes; Carri Levitski, yes; and Nate Reibel, yes. Absent: Jenni Caulk. Against: None. Whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.

Principal Brenda Damiani presented to the board on weighted grades including a recommendation and how it would affect Cambridge-Isanti High School. A dual reporting system will be used. Unweighted grades will be based on all internal calculations, and used to identify class rank, and awards, and both weighted and unweighted grades will be used on transcripts for college admissions and scholarships for post-secondary education after high school. The weighted grades process will only apply toward advanced placement courses, concurrent enrollment (College in the Schools), articulated credit and PSEO (by appeal process). With the 1.25 multiplier, Cambridge-Isanti Schools plan is to implement this system for the 2017-2018 school year with having it in place for registration of 2017-2018 classes in February. It will be available for all grade levels. Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve the Weighted Grades Subject to the Appeal Process Being in Place by Registration. Motion carried unanimously. Ms. Damiani will report the appeal process back to the board in February.

Finance and Operations Director Kris Crocker presented to the board the 2016-2017 Revised Budget. She shared projected revenue and expenditures for the end of the fiscal year. The revised budget is a foundation for projections for 2017-18 budgeting process. Motion made by Heidi Sprandel, seconded by Gary Hawkins to approve the 2016 2017 Revised Budget and waive the 12.5% fund balance policy for this year. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Nate Reibel to approve the City of Cambridge Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission Representatives be Jack Nelson as the Youth Representative and Mark Ziebarth as the School District Representative. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Heidi Sprandel, seconded by Carri Levitski to approve the Model United Nations Trip to Chicago February 1st February 5th, 2017. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Heidi Sprandel, seconded by Gary Hawkins to approve the CIHS Spanish Trip to Spain, March 2018. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Lynn Wedlund to approve the Adopt-A-School for 2017 as listed. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Carri Levitski, seconded by Nate Reibel to approve the Standing and Representative Committees for 2017 as listed. Jenni Caulk is absent but has agreed to the committees listed. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Heidi Sprandel to approve Policy #403 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of School District Employees. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Gary Hawkins, seconded by Carri Levitski to approve Policy #504 Student Dress and Appearance. Discussion took place that this policy is non-gender specific. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion made by Lynn Wedlund, seconded by Nate Reibel to approve Policy #625 Volunteer Policy. Motion carried unanimously. It was noted that Cambridge-Isanti Schools volunteers may use a background check from another employer if processed in the past 6-12 months as long as a copy of the background check is received and approved by the HR department.

Motion made by Heidi Sprandel, seconded by Carri Levitski to adjourn meeting at 9:32 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

School Board Clerk

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March 1, 2017


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