C-I celebrates School Board Recognition Week

Dr. Ray Queener, Superintendent
Cambridge-Isanti Schools

Too infrequently do I have an opportunity to publicly recognize the School Board of Cambridge-Isanti Schools.

This week during School Board Recognition Week (Feb. 20-Feb. 24), I am afforded with the special occasion to recognize the members of the school board for their integral role in improving and supporting student achievement in our schools.

Cambridge-Isanti School Board Members are committed to a vision of high expectations for students, quality instruction and learning opportunities. Accountability driven, the school board holds strong values about the ability of all children to have a growing, enriching learning experience that not only considers academics important, but holds in high regard the character, perspective, and dreams of all students who enter and exit Cambridge-Isanti Schools.

Whether elected or appointed, Cambridge-Isanti School Board Members serve as a critical link between our communities and our schools. Our school board advocates for approximately 5,000 students annually while representing the important voice of the public. Not only must they be attuned the present needs of our schools, they have to have the foresight to navigate the future needs of our schools.

Through collaborative relationships with the community, staff members, and students our school board shares in community-wide concerns and celebrations that affect our schools. Ensuring alignment and sustainability of district resources while driving our schools to continuous improvement is a paramount role of school board members.

While our school board oversees school budgets, negotiates agreements, sets policies, and defines student outcomes with diligence, they simply care about children and this is pivotal in the responsibility they bear.

I personally thank the school board for the strong commitment it has to doing what is best for students and the communities we serve, and for embracing opportunities and challenges just the same. The school board has done an exceptional job providing outstanding programs and services for all students’ education while intentionally safeguarding and maximizing the invaluable resources provided to the district from the state and local taxpayers.

For the important service you provide and the dedication you have, thank you to the Cambridge-Isanti School Board for all you do. Please join me and Cambridge-Isanti Schools in recognizing school board members Tim Hitchings (Chair), Gary Hawkins (Vice Chair), Lynn Wedlund (Clerk), Heidi Sprandel (Treasurer), Jenni Caulk (Director), Nate Reibel (Director), and Carri Levitski (Director).

It is always a great day to be a Bluejacket. Go Big Blue.