Hats off to Isanti County Jail staff

Dear Editor:

Very interesting headlines on the front page of the Isanti County News’ Feb. 8 edition, much of it looking very positive. A church that is interested in adding on to their church facilities for a children’s ministry. A senior housing facility going up is certainly a step in the right direction for the homeless seniors. Plus, help to the incarcerated, for those who want help.

I have an interesting story and the difference in county jails. I had heard a true story of a young man who was incarcerated in a jail up in northern Minnesota. He was to be released from jail on a very cold morning, 15 degrees or even more below zero. He had no coat and was wearing only a sweatshirt. His only option was to start running the mile and a half to where he could get out of the cold.

Then Wednesday, in the Isanti County Jail, as we were conducting a Bible Study, one man reported how he was getting released to treatment and the Isanti County Jail made arrangements to get him to a treatment center; what a big difference.

My hat goes off to our jail staff who cares about people who need help. It’s important for our jail system to do what they can do to help all men and women, if possible. They are not all terrible convicts. Many are caught in the web of alcohol and drugs and are looking for a way out of their many problems.

Interesting, I have an Amplified Bible that describes a person who is drunk with alcohol or on drugs. Proverbs 23:29-35 and in parenthesis at the end of that passage, it says (escape reality). Also Proverbs 28:13 tells us “whoever covers his or her transgressions (sin) will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes his or her sins will obtain mercy.” Wow, what a promise.

Delores Mix