Better wages needed for those who work with challenged individuals

Dear Editor:
My son works for a facility that is described on its website as licensed as a Rule 245D and DD, CADI, TBI and Elderly waivered service provider through the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services.

He loves his job. The clients love him. My son is a gentle, easy-going young man who enjoys the challenge of working with individuals who have mental health and behavioral issues that most of us could not even imagine.

My son has been put in harms way more times than I will ever know. Yet, he returns to work every day, trying to turn around some of these behaviors. He appreciates his clients and their successes.

The bottom line, we need more people like my son working at these facilities. However, they need to earn a wage that is commensurate with their level of risk, skills, challenges, care and stamina. $10 - $12 an hour is not enough.

Thank you Liz, for bringing this subject to light. I have thought the same thing since my son entered this profession.

Julie Johnson