Braham Council approves pay equity report

Delwayne Hahn
Contributing Writer

The Braham City Council met in a special session Jan. 23 to approve the 2016 pay equity report due to the state by month’s end.

Required every three years, according to City Administrator Sally Hoy, this report is designed to “eliminate pay discrepancies for female employees” of the city.

The compliance report reveals there are an equal number of female and male job classes of employees held currently by eight female and nine male employees in the respective classes. Four persons in each class are at or above the predicted pay level and one in each class is below. The report also revealed it takes an average of eight years for an individual to reach the maximum pay for each gender-classified job.

The salary schedule to be filed with the report lists 14 positions of employees for the city with the salary range for the eight steps on the schedule listed in parentheses. All, except the liquor store manager, chief of police and city administrator, are hourly – those three are annual.

The categories are snow relief ($11.87-$14.69); transcriber ($12.56 - $15.54; receptionist/bill clerk ($13.80 - $17.08); accounting clerk ($16.03 - $19.83); maintenance/utility worker ($17.10 - $21.17); police officers, union and non-union, ($17.76 - $21.98); police with shift differential ($19.36 - $23.62); maintenance foreman ($19.69 - $24.36); liquor store manager ($45,784 - $56,664); street and utility superintendent ($25.56 - $31.63); chief of police ($57,337 - $70,963); city administrator ($65,481 - $81,043); liquor store clerks ($10.17 - $12.59); head clerk ($12.15 - 15.04).

After an employee reaches the top at step eight, they receive a cost-of-living increase as there are currently no steps beyond.