CambridgeACT on Alzheimer’s: “Create A Back-Plan”

The CambridgeACT on Alzheimer’s Survey Team

In an effort to raise awareness, educate our community and assist families who have been touched by Alzheimer’s disease, this month’s article will highlight the importance of creating a back-up plan. ACT-Horiz-Cambridge (3)

Have you ever thought about if something should happen to you and you were not able to care for the person who depends on you for their care? Here are a few examples of instances where a back-up plan may be necessary.

• Caregiver becomes ill or injured.

• Caregiver passes away.

• Other family obligations, events or special occasions call the caregiver away temporarily.

• Job responsibilities.

These are just some of the situations that can prevent or distract someone from being a full-time caregiver.

Here are some things to think about as you begin this process:

• Who could make decisions and coordinate the proper care your relative needs. Think about the people in your life who are wise, fair, good planners, organized persons who don’t get snagged by emotions or conflict.

• You may want to turn to a professional to help begin these first steps, a care manager, a caregiver consultant or elder law attorney. You may want to talk with a trusted friend, family member or clergy.

• Ask a friend or family member who has already been down this road for advice and assistance.

Take a deep breath and begin to form a simple plan. It does not have to be elaborate or planned to the nth degree. Ask for help. Once you begin reaching out for assistance, it is not as complicated and daunting as you may have imagined. To be sure, these are not easy things to talk about, but with some simple planning, it can make all the difference for you and the person you care for.  It will feel good to begin this process, and it will give you peace of mind going into the new year.

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” ~Winston Churchill

“The secret of getting things done is to act.” ~ Dante Alighieri

For more information about the CambridgeACT on Alzheimer’s call Julie Tooker at 763-691-6192. For information about local resources and resources for creating a back up plan contact Jayne Mund at 763-552-3255.

Your input and assistance is valuable. Let’s ACT together to create and sustain a dementia friendly community. There is Hope. There is Help.