Marlys Palmer seeks re-election as Cambridge mayor

Marlys PalmerCitizens of Cambridge: It has been one of my greatest honors to have served as your mayor for the past 16 years. I would consider it a privilege to serve you another four years. I ask for your continued support as I file for re-election as the mayor of our hallmark city.

Together we have accomplished many necessary and quality of life projects for Cambridge. We have grown respectfully and gracefully by over 2 square miles, we have by commitment and design earned an excellent AA bond rating. I believe our public is better informed and always welcome at City Hall, council meetings and by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

I, also, believe as your current mayor my job is not yet finished. As we complete projects and start new relationships I can keep a judicious eye on our budget and honor our citizens. My commitment remains the same — to always remain faithful to the greater good.