Lowell Jaques files for Braham City Council

JaquesI am here to thank the citizens of Braham for the privilege of serving you for the past 12 years and ask for your support in the upcoming election for Braham City Council. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve for the next four years as your councilman.

I was born and raised in this community and have lived here for most of my 74 years. I am a retired pharmacist and now have all the time needed for any issues that the city would have that need my attention. I am responsible, resourceful, and reasonable in my approach to challenges that face our city and I think my steadiness will be of value as we move forward.

I am proud of the way our city has been able to come through our recession and loss of much local government aid and still maintain a high level of service for our community. We have been able to establish an industrial park, upgrade our waste water treatment plant, build a new fresh water treatment system, replace our water tower and increase capacity, and start upgrading our city streets. We have done these things without excessive tax increases.

Our services compare well with any city in the area and are better than some. Our city is safe and secure. This reflects on very good city personnel and our ability to provide them with the equipment needed to do the job.

I hope that you will allow me to serve as your councilman for the next four years.