Chris Julicher “CJ” files for mayor of Cambridge

imageI’m Chris Julicher “CJ.” I’m running for mayor of Cambridge. A great town which has grown into a beautiful city because of the dedication of its citizens and hard work of those that run it.

I grew up in South Africa. I immigrated to the United States looking for a better future, a place I could call my home. I worked hard at making my dream come true and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in May 2010.

The residents of this town have become my family, my friends, my refuge. I learned my values from my parents who were hard workers, but I learned much more from life itself and the hardships of this world. I have learned you have to be prepared to take on difficult situations and make tough decisions  to make a difference. But in all of this, it is how you work with each other and not against each other that gets things done most effectively. That honesty is so important and promises should not be made unless they are able to be kept.

I have been privileged to obtain employment in a variety of service jobs where I have met so many wonderful citizens, both co-workers and clients. Currently, I am a driver for Heartland Express. I am a Reserve with the Cambridge Police. My volunteer work includes New Pathways homeless shelter and various jobs working with the elderly, which is a deep passion for me. I am also an election judge.

It is my desire to work with the elected officials of Cambridge to continue to plan and implement effective strategies for further growth and vitality in our local business climate, which in turn, creates local jobs. I am committed to addressing local concerns regarding community health and safety.

  • Rachael Jones

    I just received a door visit from this vibrant and wonderful electee. Her visions are in tact with mine, and I hope that everybody in the Cambridge community has a chance to hear to her vision prior to the election. We need a refreshing mayor like Chris Julicher, and I wish her the best of luck!