August 6

Per Minnesota Statutes 375.12 Publication of Proceedings.
Meeting held on August 6, 2014
A detail of the entire minutes are available for public inspection in the Isanti County Administrators Office or by visiting our website at
Members Present: Chairperson Warring; Commissioners Larson, Morris, Anderson
Members Absent: Vacancy
Others Present: J Mader, R Heilman, B Guenther, B Wendorf, M Bostrom, T Bergloff, K Anderson, C Rempp, P Messer, C Struss, J Rostberg (Reporter: Tatting)
O0o Chairperson Warring convened the meeting and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.
O0o Public Comment Period. Howard Lewis provided public comment.
14/08-01 Morris/Larson to approve the agenda by adding J-2 Resolution to Provide Public Transportation Service; and deleting the meeting with Cambridge City Council. Carried.
14/08-02 Anderson/Larson to approve the minutes of the 7-16-14 County Board Meeting. Carried.
14/08-03 Morris/Larson to approve the following Health Board Actions (on file). Carried.
14/08-04 Larson/Morris to appoint Commissioners Warring and Anderson to the 8-14-14 Canvassing Board. Carried.
14/08-05 Anderson/Larson to approve the following Personnel Committee Recommendation (on file). Carried.
14/08-06 Larson/Morris to approve the following Personnel Committee Recommendation (on file). Carried.
O0o J Mader, Office of the MN State Auditor, presented Isanti Countys 2013 Audit Report.
14/08-07 Larson/Anderson to approve the following utility permit (on file). Carried.
14/08-08 Larson/Morris to accept the resignation of R Osborne, Signman III with regret, effective 10-31-14. Carried.
14/08-09 Morris/Anderson to approve the 2014 Emergency Management Performance Grant in the amount of $24,789. Carried.
14/08-10 Anderson/Larson to accept the resignation of P Anderson, part time correctional officer, effective 8-6-14. Carried.
14/08-11 Anderson/Larson to accept the retirement of Sheriff B Guenther, with regret, effective 12-31-14. Carried.
14/08-12 Larson/Anderson to accept a grant from Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (on file). Carried.
14/08-13 Morris/Anderson to approve the final plat of G Snider- Outlot A Flodquist Farm located in North Branch Township. Carried.
14/08-14 Larson/Anderson to approve the final plat of K Olson-Red Oak Addition, Phase 2, located in Cambridge Township. Carried.
14/08-15 Morris/Anderson to ratify the hire of B Lauseng, System Support Specialist, effective 8-4-14. Carried.
14/08-16 Larson/Morris to authorize the purchase of laptop from Morris Electronics (low quote) (on file). Carried.
14/08-17 Anderson/Larson to approve H Broberg as part time bus driver, effective 8-4-14. Carried.
14/08-18 Morris/Anderson to approve the following RESOLUTION TO PROVIDE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SERVICE (on file). Carried.
14/08-19 Anderson/Larson to approve the contract with Industries, Inc. Carried.
14/08-20 Larson/Morris to not pursue Medical Assistance Case #1442343 due to not being cost effective. Carried.
O0o C Struss, Finance Director, presented the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement, indicating that this is the fifth consecutive year the county has received this award.
14/08-21 Morris/Larson to approve the following Family Services Budget Amendments (on file). Carried.
14/08-22 Larson/Anderson to approve the State Department of Veterans Affairs Operation Enhancement Grant in the amount of $12,500. Carried.
14/08-23 Larson/Warring to approve sharing the costs off a Conceptual Schematic of a new library with the City of Cambridge; further Isanti Countys share would be $3600. Carried.
O0o There was no action needed on the Lease Agreement with the Guardian Ad Litem Office.
14/08-24 Morris/Anderson to approve the 2013-2014 Affirmative Action plan. Carried.
14/08-25 Morris/Larson to approve the following claims and warrants:
Buetow 2 Architects $ 24,000.00
Advanced Correctional Hlthcare $ 24,000.00
Federated Co-ops 12,149.11 Aviands, LLC 5,666.88
BMO Purchasing Card 5,909.41
O0o The Board provided various committee reports.
14/08-26 Larson/Anderson to approve the following additional claims and warrants (on file). Carried.
14/08-27 Morris/Anderson to adjourn (10:55 a.m.). Carried.
Kevin VanHooser, County Administrator
By: Barbara E Baar, Deputy County Administrator
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