Tiffany Kafer files for Cambridge City Council

KaferMy name is Tiffany Kafer and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Cambridge City Council.

I was born, raised and have spent my entire life in Cambridge. I have dedicated 10 years to volunteering at Cambridge Isanti Competitive Baseball, CPIS PTO, Community Education and CI Early Childhood. Cambridge has been a good foundation for my family, and now I want to be a part of our city council in order to make it an even better place for current residents and families to come.

As a council member my goals will include: improving communication between the council and residents, because I believe that residents should be involved and informed of our local government; working hard to bring entertainment and opportunities to our youth; bringing out the community within our community through public events and activities; continuing on and strengthening our partnerships with the Isanti County Board, Isanti City Council and the School Board; and being the strong diverse voice of the people of Cambridge.

I believe we need to bring in businesses that diversify our tax base while paying livable wages to employees, and we need to continue improving parks and looking into developing a recreational facility for families while remaining fiscally responsible, so that we are not faced with tax increases. As a homeowner, mom, and college student, I know the importance of having a place to go to have fun as a family, but more importantly, I know the importance of being able to afford to do so.

I am currently attending our community college pursuing my degree in education. I’ve been married to my husband, Brent, for 8 years, and together we have four children; Brennan, Mikayla, Savannah and Linkon.

I would appreciate your vote, and am looking forward to being your voice on the city council.