Thanks for a great summer of reading

Dear Editor:

The summer reading program at your local ECRL branch, the Cambridge Public Library, is one of the best events around in the summer.

It provides fun activities, programs, and prizes, but more importantly, it inspires and supports lifelong learning and the love of reading. This is especially important in the summer because it helps families avoid “summer learning loss.” This learning loss is cumulative, summer after summer. It has a tremendous impact on students’ success, including high school completion, post-secondary education, and work force preparedness.

Over 900 children and teens participated in the summer reading program at the Cambridge Public Library this summer, with a noted increase in the number of preschool participants. This is indicative of a community that supports learning and is very aware of the gains that reading can provide its children, from very early on.

My staff and I want to thank the generous supporters of our summer reading program this year. Target Corporation, Cambridge Lions Club, and the Friends of the Cambridge Library were especially generous in their support of children and teens in our community. Thank you volunteers for your time and effort in ensuring that our program ran smoothly. Thank you parents, grandparents, and other family members for your dedication in bringing your loved ones to the library. And a special thanks to children and teens for the energy you bring to the library. It was an amazing summer. See you at the library.

Nancy Dunbar, Branch Librarian
East Central Regional Library (ECRL)
Cambridge Public Library