Extra DWI patrols on the road

Dear Editor:

“Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is the theme of the impaired driving mobilization from Aug. 16 through Labor Day.

What does this mean? This is an effort statewide to stop drivers who are too impaired to drive. Extra law enforcement will be on the roads watching for impaired drivers. In Minnesota in 2013 there were 117 alcohol-related fatalities; representing 30 percent of all traffic deaths in 2013. Eighty-one of the impaired driving deaths were caused by a drunk driver.

Statewide, there were over 25,700 motorists arrested for DWI in 2013. One of every seven licensed drivers in Minnesota has a DWI on record.

Of course, impaired driving can be prevented. Safety begins with you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not putting yourself and others at risk. Have a plan — plan for a safe ride home. In Isanti County, Safe Cab is also available primarily on weekends.

The Isanti County Toward Zero Deaths Program reminds all drivers to pay attention behind the wheel, driver sober, and always wear your seat belt.

Bob Bollenbeck
Isanti TZD Coordinator