Meet Melissa Skiba with Fairchild Insurance Specialists

Melissa Skiba has a passion for the local community, having graduated from Braham Westview High School and working as a teen at Grover’s Grocery in Stanchfield and later Warehouse Grocery in Cambridge.

In 1987, Melissa was in a Community Theater performance with Dolly Fairchild. Dolly recruited Melissa to work part-time at Fairchild Insurance Specialists.

After graduating from North Dakota State University with a major in the accredited Home Economics program and a minor in business, Melissa managed Kitchen Collection at the North Branch outlet mall for 12 years. When Melissa got married and had three children, she decided to work in an office with a family-friendly schedule.

Melissa Skiba
Melissa Skiba

In 2012, she returned to Fairchild Insurance Specialists. The following year, she became a Minnesota State Licensed Agent. Melissa loves the variety of work at Fairchild Insurance Specialists and the challenge of meeting their clients’ needs. Insurance for individuals and families without employer sponsored coverage has become Melissa’s niche among the team at Fairchild Insurance as she knows the laws requiring health insurance can be confusing.  Collectively, Fairchild Insurance Specialists primarily sells Medicare Supplements. Melissa has confidence in these products because they are an excellent value and they provide peace of mind. Her motto is to, “work hard and be nice.”

Melissa lives in Cambridge. Her family is active in 4-H and other activities and organizations. In addition, Melissa sews, quilts, and teaches the youth at her church.

Fairchild Insurance Specialists is located at 549 349th Ave. NE in Cambridge. To make an appointment with Melissa Skiba, Dolly Fairchild, or Kyle Fairchild, call 763-689-5873.