Cambridge to contribute to paving of Airport Road

Members of the Springvale Township Board appeared before the Cambridge City Council Aug. 4 to discuss the paving of 329th Avenue, commonly referred to as Airport Road.

Springvale Board Chairman Steve Lindgren explained 329th Avenue is an expensive road to maintain, and through the years property owners have expressed an interest in having it paved.

Lindgren explained, when the airport property was assessed on both sides of 329th Avenue, the portion of the roadway abutting the airport property became the city of Cambridge’s responsibility. Lindgren said the city’s portion of the project is 2,596 square yards, which is approximately 19 percent of the project.

Lindgren said total project costs is $188,304. The city of Cambridge’s portion will be $35,532, and Lindgren said the township is willing to work out a payment plan with the city. Lindgren said the project is expected to begin Sept. 1 and take about a month.

Following discussion, the council approved a motion to pay $33,532 toward the project and allow the city’s finance director to determine an appropriate payment schedule.

Command vehicle for Fire Department

Cambridge Fire Chief Sean Okerlund told the council Deputy Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director William Pennings is in need of an emergency response-command vehicle and Assistant Fire Chief Todd Tomczik is in need of a four-wheel drive response vehicle.

Okerlund explained the department has had multiple instances where Tomczik was unable to respond to calls in the Impala last winter.

Okerlund explained the department would like to repurpose the Impala to Pennings, which would allow him to have all his gear and equipment in his response vehicle and allow him to respond from home to any incident in the service area for emergency management situations.

Pennings would also use the Impala for his everyday emergency response while on duty. He would already have access to a four-wheel drive vehicle if the need would arise while on duty. He has responded from home to two structure fires since he has started.

Okerlund said the department would like to use $5,850 in proceeds from the Grass 3 sale and a $1,000 donation from Dahlheimer Beverage, with the balance being equally shared between the emergency management budget and the fire relief association. Okerlund said the vehicle the department is looking to purchase will cost approximately $15,000.

Following discussion, the council approved a motion to move forward with the $15,000 purchase of a four-wheel drive command vehicle for the Fire Department.