A few reminders as we get into election season

The Isanti County News allows each candidate running for a local office one free filing statement announcing their candidacy.

The Isanti County News doesn’t solicit this announcement from the candidate; it’s up the candidate to submit their filing statement to the newspaper if they wish to do so.

The announcement needs to be 300 words or less, and may include the candidate’s photo. We will run the filing statements in the next available edition after receipt. We reserve the right to edit filing statements. A candidate’s website, Facebook page, Twitter page and other social media sites cannot be included with their filing statements.

For Cambridge City Council, Braham City Council and the District 911 School Board, the filing period opened July 29 and closes Aug. 12. Candidates running for those offices must submit their filing statement to us by Friday, Aug. 22, for final publication in our Wednesday, Aug. 27 edition. Filing statements for these races will not be published after the Aug. 27 edition unless as a paid advertisement.

Filing statements can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed or dropped off at 234 S. Main St., Cambridge, MN 55008. Filing statements from candidates who filed May 20 through June 3 are no longer accepted unless it’s printed as a paid advertisement.

Political Letters to the Editor:

The following are some guidelines adopted by ECM Publishers regarding election letters to the editor.

All letters must include the letter writer’s name, address, and phone number for verification purposes only. Letters from Isanti County residents will be given preference.

Letters need to be 350 words or less; however, we reserve the right to make an exception. In most cases, letters from candidates will not be accepted, but the candidate will be able to submit rebuttal letters to a specific issue. Otherwise, the candidate’s opinions can be printed in a paid advertisement.

Submitting a letter does not guarantee publication. The newspaper reserves the right to not publish any letter, and reserves the right to edit letters. Letter writers need to identify themselves if they are part of the candidate’s campaign.

No new election-related letters are published in the edition prior to the election. The last edition we will print any new General Election letters will be in our Oct. 22 edition. No election letters will be published in our Oct. 29 edition unless it’s from a candidate submitting a direct response to a letter printed in our Oct. 22 edition; however, the candidate cannot bring up any new issues or topics.

Candidates who wish to issue a statement of thanks following their campaign need to purchase a paid advertisement by contacting their advertising representative or calling 763-689-1981.

Letters to the Editor can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed or dropped off at 234 S. Main St., Cambridge, MN 55008.