Shalom Thrift Shop announces change in donations

The Shalom Thrift Shop in Cambridge is very grateful for all the support shown by the community in providing quality merchandise for resale, and shopping the store for the benefit of all the charitable partners Shalom gives money to each month and year.

However, because of the donation generosity, Shalom is currently overloaded with clothing — something they never expected would happen.

Because of the donors of merchandise and shoppers, Shalom was able again to give back to the community $129,400 during 2013. Without the valued support of everyone, including the 130 unpaid volunteers, Shalom would not be able to provide funds for so many in need within the county.  Indications for 2014 are Shalom will be able to continue giving back at the same level, or even higher.

Shalom currently has an inventory of clothing that will last for many, many months, and therefore, is asking the public to temporarily consider giving their unwanted clothing donations to other charitable causes who may be in need.  Shalom will still take other acceptable donations just as always, but would prefer a break from clothing items.

Shalom is requesting that clothing donations be placed on hold, or given to other organizations from July 25 through Sept. 22. This temporary break in donations will allow the volunteers an opportunity to reduce the current inventory to a more reasonable level. Beginning Sept. 22, Shalom will again welcome clothing donations, especially fall and winter clothing, but will also accept summer and spring clothing.

Shalom greatly appreciates all the donors, and hopes everyone will understand that too much of a good thing can sometimes become a problem, and currently there is an overload problem.

Shalom does though encourage shoppers to continue visiting the store, because there will be no reduction in quality merchandise to select.  Shalom thanks everyone for the donations, and hopes to see you again in September if you have donations to give.